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HD 500X 4 Cable Method?


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Hi everyone,

        I just picked up the HD500X and I can't figure out to switch between the POD preamp or my preamp. Here is what I done with the 4 cable method.So right now on my lead channel I can turn the post up all the way and it does not affect my map. I don't know how to tell the pod to bypass and let my amp take over. Bascially I am trying to bypass the amp models of the 500x and just use certain effects to the back of my amp and also the front etc. I have also tried hitting the ENTER button and nothing happens as well as FS3 pre/post. Any help is greatly appreciated.


AMP: 6505+ Combo 1x12


Guitar ouput to Guitar In on POD

FX Send from POD to AMP Input (front jack)

Effects Send from AMP to FX Return Mono on POD

1/4" OUT L/Mono From POD to AMP Effects Return



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You have to add the FX loop block to your chain in the POD preset.  That's what turns the FX send jack be able to hear your actual amp via the 4 cable method.

Thanks for the reply, I'm still not following. I created a new patch with an amp I like. Do you happen to have a patch I can try and look at it so see what I need to do? Many thanks!

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to acheive.  ARe you attempting to have one preset using an amp model in the pod turned on...and another using the preamp of your amp?  Or are you trying to toggle on and off an amp sim to real amp within the same preset?  The 2nd wouldn't wanna do.  The first 4CM, you'd turn the amp models off....add an FX loop block in the POD preset and raise the rtn level up in volume til you hear what you like, volume-wise. 

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