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Spot the real Tube Screamer


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I have both and did an extensive a/b of both through my DT-50. To my ears there is very little difference in a low gain setting. When you roll up the gain on both is where I can spot a difference. With that said, I think we have a tendency (I know I did) to want to make the POD FX sound exactly like something else. We get caught up on the term "Modeling" and think that means that the screamer is supposed to sound EXACTLY like TS-9 frequency for frequency. The term is "modeled", not "clone". I think that the HD does a pretty good job at capturing the essence of the fx it is modeling. It also gives you a lot more control over the tone. For example on the POD, you can adjust the treble and bass of the screamer. You cant do that on the TS-9. Maxon makes a fantastic tube screamer type model. Even looks like the original. But they are different. Good, but different. Why spend time trying to make the Maxon sound EXACTLY like the TS-9? It's a waste of time. Our Line 6 gear is good stuff. Dont let any boutiquer tell you any different.


When I stopped spending time dialing up an almost spot on tube screamer tone and started dialing up a great tone for my song "Cadillac" is when my Dream Rig really began fulfilling the dream.


The real proof of great tone is how it makes you smile when you crank it up and go for it! You feel it in your chest! You see it on the faces of those who are listening!


Get out there and play guitar!

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I have to agree with Tboneous. Early on I tried to replicate tones that I liked. For the last year or so with the Dream Rig, I've created a tone that fits in real nice with our material. While I mostly stick with a few guitar models, I tend to try out different models during rehearsal. I found that the Variax Special model works beautifully with my main tone setup. Just a bit of grit that really drives the HD500 patch.

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