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Control Amp Head Channels (with Jack 1/4 footswitch) with POD


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Hello everyone!

I have this problem:

I want to use the effects of my POD HD 500 and the distortion of my Fender Roc Pro 100 Head (with 1/4 footswitch).
Whats the best solution to trigger and change the channels (clean, drive, boost, reverb) of my Fender amp through my POD and also activate POD FX?



Which is the best option? 
Someone has experience with this?
How do you set up to configure POD + MIDI + AMP HEAD?

Thanks a lot!

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if your amp has no midi control built in you will need something like the link below to get the midi signal and make the channel switch.  You can use HD Edit to assign the right midi control signal to the patch change FS so when you  change patches it also switches amp channels.  You will need to use the manuals and the Advanced Guide to get the right codes but it shouldn't be too difficult...

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I don't actually own that unit but it can control 4 separate things so it should.  Suggest you download the manual and read to be sure it does everything you need.  Just depends on how you program the POD and what you tell it to do.


Here is a link to a great reference on midi in Google Books...

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