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Fbv Express Mkii doesn't work after spiderIV update


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Hi! I did a firmware upgrade to my spider IV 75 through a fvb mkII pedalboard. The proceder seemed correct. The new efects sounds great, but the pedalboard didn't work again. The display doesn't light anymore and none of the pedals work. It is unable to connect to the computer vía USB. It isn't recognized by the monkey.

Any similar experience? Any idea?

Could the update file be corrupted? Maybe the routine to manage the pedalboard is not complete? Would a factory reset fix the problem?

Thank you and excuse my poor english

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I think there is something wrong with the firmware update file, so I'm trying to find another line6 device to check the fvb. If it is ok, the next sep will be a factory reset for the spider and repeating the download and the upgrade again.

If the fvb doesn't work with other device, obviously it is damaged and it will visit the service center...

First I'll wait for another users experiences for a few days .

I'll keep you informed.

Thank you and my apologies for my bad english again

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I bought use mkII express last week(you can see it when I register it) to use it with pod hd desktop.

Everything works fine until I update it.

Now I can't switch sounds in presets, and only switch D I can switch it on and off.

Is there way to reset to previous update version, new update or something else? 

Don't tell me to buy another one or for go for change, that is not an option.

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Be sure you have your HD Bean setup for the Express (though for the tuner to work Expres Mode has to be off).


So don't give up hope, yet. First off I would try another cable.


This is the FAQ page for the FBVs:


Did you go through the recalibration?


FBV Express Mk. II:

1) Hold D while powering on the FBV. Upon release, the pedal display will read “1â€.

2) Press and hold the pedal toeswitch until the 7 segment display changes to “2â€. This should occur instantly.

3) Set the heel to the heel (minimum) position, press the D button. The 7 segment display will change to “3â€.

4) Set the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The tuner LEDs above the 7 segment display will light.

5) Move the pedal and verify that the tuner LEDs sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and refills when moved to the maximum position.

6) Press D to exit

You may want to go through the software reinstallation again too - in case it did not go correctly.


You can always send in a support ticket:



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