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Can anyone make a Patch for me? Please?


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I'm terrible at making patches... Idk how to tweak settings, etc. So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there kind enough to create a patch for me.. 



I have a link to the site of someones gear that I want to replicate. He has a pedalboard, there is a picture of it and on the site, it says what order he uses each pedal in and etc. So at least you will have some sort of foundation to work on!

Here's the link to the website: http://jeffreykunde.com/gear

I really want that tone!
Idk if there is anyone willing to work on this, but if there is, I'd really appreciate it! 
I use a humbucker pickup guitar, if that helps...


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This may be a challenge to get all into one single preset as the DSP may reach its limit. 
Right off the bat, it's likely that you'll not be able to replicate the POG, but most of the other stuff sounds achievable.

From first glance, obviously the VOX AC30 would be the amp used, but replicating one of the other amps can be a challenge, I'd have to research them to get an idea how they're voiced and how he is using them.
Also, if you want to use the expression pedal to rock back & forth between amps, or if you want the amps switch via one of the FS switch buttons will have to be something that you determine in advance.


My best recommendation is to think of a few examples of where he is using the largest combination of these pedals, but not all of them, simultaneously, and then plan a few primary presets with that in mind, making it clear where you want each function assigned to.  Draw it out on some paper if you need to, visual aids are always good.

I can tackle this with you on my spare time, but you'll need to provide some direction that best services your intentions also.

I could see easily 4 presets coming together just from the combinations of different pedals alone, and that hasn't even factured in which amps are being used at any given time, and how you want each amp to function, ie; your clean or dirty, or dual tone combined/layered. 

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Dude, just research POD videos and how to's.  You can't possibly ask someone else to build you a complicated patch based on a loaded analog pedalboard.  Just dig in to the machine...put some time in.  Learn the ins and outs.  It's not that difficult.  Tweak until you hear what you like.  You won't get that full pedal board in one patch anyway.  Start with a blank patch and build from there.  It's really simple. 

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Which tone are you refering to???? What  you are asking people to do will requirea lot of time. I will give you a method to get there (and keep in mind, this is just one way. Feel free to improvise as you follow along).


First, the amp. There are 3 amps I would try to get this sound they are (using the HD500 names

The Divide 9/15

The PHD Motorway

The Class A 30


He has a video where he demos a Bad Cat amp which I assume is a main amp for him. It looks like he’s going straight into it so go to his website and try and match the sound you hear from his demo trying those, or any other amps, to see which one sounds the closest to his. So now you have the amp.


It is going to be impossible to get his board into one patch. For one thing he has 11 effects and you only have eight FX slots. You can however break it down so by replacing one thing for another you can get his sounds.  Now, again, on his website he as a video where he goes through his pedal board. As with the amp you can go through it the way he does and try to emulate what you’re hearing.


A big tip to matching the sounds he gets is to find the effect in the 500 that comes closest to what he’s using. I am going to again suggest comparing the actual sounds of these effects to the 500 and use what you think is closest. Thanks to the internet and Youtube, this is easily done. Take each effect alone going through the amp you've picked and compare them to the youtube clipps. There are many variables (different guitars, different amps) but this will help you get close. So here we go. Let's find those effects.


You can think of his chain as several blocks in this order.

Block 1-Boost and compression.

POG (an octaver)

Block 2 Distortion

Block 3 Modulation (Tremolo)

Block 4 Delay/Reverb


So his Block 1 consists of:

RC Booster by Exotic Effects

Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor


Of course I would use the Boost Comp to try and do what both of those do. Or you can go to the internet and find and compare each effect with what the 500 has. Each Compressor can be used as a “Boost†just keep the compression down.


Here’s some Youtubes to do that.

RC Booster


Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor



In his effects video it appears that before Block 2 he has an Electro Harmonix POG which is just an octaver. However in the written description, it sounds like it’s after Block 2. You decide. Since it can add an octave above or below if you need both octaves you’ll need to use two effects in the 500. You can use the effects in the PITCH section of the 500. I’ll leave it up to you to figure that out. Here’s a Youtube site demonstrating the POG.



 So, Block 2 is distortion. It looks like he is capable of having more than one of his distortion pedals on but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do that. Here’s the list of distortion pedals and my suggestions and/or the Youtube sites you can use to compare with.


Emerson Paramount Distortion

This is fairly mellow. Try the Tue Drive or the Overdrive.



JHS Superbolt

Maybe the Fuzz Pi using low settings? Maybe?



Pro Co Rat modded by Kelley

C’mon. Do I really have to tell you which 500 distortion model to try for this one? Although his is modified. Maybe try the Heavy Distortion pedal as well.



Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz

Try any of these, Buzz Saw, Jumbo Fuzz, Fuzz Pi.



He has his Volume pedal after block 2 (or the POG if you put the POG after the distortion) although he can move it to several different locations. That’ll be up to you.


Now comes Block 3 Modulation which is the Tremolo. This is a Cusack Tap-A-Whirl. There are only two Tremolos in the 500 so take your pick.



Now there comes a delay pedal called the Black Fountain. This pedal has reverb and does a few more things than any of the 500’s delay pedals alone. You’ll have to figure things out based on whatever song you’re trying to do. It’s pretty cool and I think with a combination of different effects, you can emulate what the Black Fountain does. This is totally you’re problem now. I think he uses this pedal more for an effect than actual delay.



Lastly the Dealy/Reverb section. The Delay/Reverbs he uses are both capable of many things. So, like the Black Fountain, you’ll need to use different combinations of 500 delays and reverbs depending on what kind of effect your looking for. So if you need a delay with modulation, you’d use the Digital Delay w/MOD.


So that’s how to determine what effects to use. Since you can’t emulate his whole pedal board in one patch you will need to build your patches with certain sonic goals in mind. You may be able to get most or all of the distortions into one patch without running out of DSP but you’ll have to make compromises. So keep the order of effects the way I described but swap and switch effects based on the overall sonic/song/group of song’s needs.


As you can see, just this explanation took some time. I've already spent more time than I was planning on doing. What you were asking, getting to the exact patch or group of patches that would emulate his setup, would be a huge task.  That task is yours grasshopper (A Kung Fu TV show reference. I’m old). I hope this helps. Know that you will definitely need to create your patch/patches on a song by song/group of songs basis. Good luck

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I agree with the guys above. You'd be doing yourself a huge favor to dig in and find out what this unit can do. Also, you wouldn't be able to get all these effects on one preset. I can't imagine you'd ever have need for all of them at the same time. Here's what I do; first, find an amp sound you like, and use that as much as possible. The reason for this is that it's really tricky to use different amp models and have them be balanced enough when switching between, especially if (and I'm guessing here, since you're into JK) you're playing worship music, and doing that direct into the P.A. That's what I do. I have the POD set up in pedalboard mode so I can use the switches for 8 effects. I have the switches labeled in an order that when changing presets, the same type of effect is located at the same switch,ie: chorus would use the same switch as flanger (Modulation effect). I also use the pedal to control the amp volume most of the time. The benefit here is that you free up an effect block.

   My switches on a typical patch are set like this 1-Compressor, 2-Modulation, 3-short Delay, 4-Reverb, 5-Overdrive, 6-more Overdrive or Distortion, 7-long Delay, 8-Boost. For a clean boost I have a short 1/4" cable from the out to in at the loop, and use the FX Loop Return set at 1-4db as needed. I also have a second Expression pedal connected which I usually use to regulate how much delay or reverb is in or out.

 Hope this helps! 

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