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UX1 sound issue - no sustain?

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Hi everyone and thanks for taking a look at my problem,


I recently acquired a Toneport UX1. I installed the latest drivers from the website. However, when listening and recording the raw sound from my guitar, no effects added, I get no sustain what so ever, it is almost like the UX1 has a built in noise gate...
I have tried the UX1 in two computers, using windows 7 and windows 8.1. I get the same result.

As you can hear in this recording, when I play a chord and let it ring, the sound dies within a couple of seconds. I do not stop the chord ringing, the sound just stops by itself. Also at the end of the recording I play a single note quickly, varying the strength of the pick with the strings. When I play the note soflty, it does not make any sound whatsoever.

(Also note the ugly noise made when I play the chords. Maybe I'm just playing too hard?)



Did I get a broken UX1? Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.


TapeDeck 2 Sep 22 18-16-58.mp3

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Does the guitar sound fine through a regular amp?


When a selector switch needs to be replaced/cleaned it can cause an incomplete contact which can give a similar sound. Flip the pu switch up and down a bunch of times and see if it clears up.


Check cables and jack too.


Just saying my man - you never know.



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Thanks for your answer Bill,


If I plug my guitar directly into the microphone input of my crappy integrated sound card, I dont get this problem so I dont think its got to do with the guitar or the cables.

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Yes, monkey shows green ticks for drivers.


I have tried Cubase, Audacity, windows recorder and several other recording softwares. It doesnt matter what DAW I use, I get the same results always. Even when i tick the "listen to this device" option in Windows Control Panel (check the link below) so that I can hear what I play directly, I get this issue.



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