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Number of channels on TBP12


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I'm puzzled about something. I recently bought a xd-v75 handheld mic system, and at the same time I bought a TBP12 bodypack transmitter separately since they're supposed to work seamlessly with any of the line6 receivers. I changed both to RF1 since that is the recommendation I find all over.


But I noticed something that I can't figure out. I can only access channel 1-12 on the tbp12 while the xd-v75 receiver has 14 channels available.


Why is this? Firmware trouble? Something else? How do I fix it so the TBP can access all 14 channels?

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Yes it is a Relay model. I didn't realize the transmitters were different. Is it a hardware difference or just firmware/software? Any kind of update I can do to get 14 channels on the transmitter? Or do I simply have to buy another one to get the 14 channels?

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