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HD500X Recording monitor


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Hi everyone,

          After finally achieving the tone I was looking for I am having a slight issue. I am using Reaper as my DAW and I am effectively trying to get so I do not hear the HD500X throught my monitors unless I activate the recording monitor for the track in my DAW. Example:

From the HD500X XLR L/R directly to my monitors I can here when I am playing even if I am not in the daw, what I want to do is be able to silenece the guitar in the 500X but still provide a signal to the DAW but only hear it when I click on the recording monitor because right now I am hearing two guitars that are echoing from the 500X and if I toggle the record monitor. The reason I want to do this is becuase the guitar does not sound loud enough unless going through the daw. I have tried raising master and ch volume on the 500X but it distorts my monitors. I am using rokit6 G3 monitors. Thanks everyone in advanc!

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