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I Finished My 1st Ep (with Pod Hd500) - Instrumental Metal


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I am very happy to announce the release of my 1st EP titled 'Sonic Sketches'


I used my POD HD500 for all the guitars on this EP.


You can check it out or get it on my Bandcamp site:


Sonic Sketches | Lars Bauer


It will also become available on MY WEBSITE


If any of you guys want a free download, give me your e-mail address and I will send it out to you!




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Well I can appreciate "Sonic Sketches" from a musical ideas and performance perspective. 

It is musically very well played  on the first track "unexpected Complications" Not too hurty on the ears, okay  a bit brickwalled!


Production wise, the mix reveals a better balance with  some added bass. If the overall balance included this extra energy while holding up when pushed without breaking up it would be a desirable enhancement.

"Pheres"  clean and wet solos cut thru the mix middle solo is impressive against the heavy pulse.


"D composed' sounded better with less added bass. That drum roll against the riff is stella!

This production note is really only minor suggestion and could very just be my computer speakers, Edirol's.

But my guess, the mix thru an ipod would lack bottom end.
Probably splitting hairs here as the overall production is great!


"Crisis Management" to me would be a much better first track. Blazing rifs! Towering solo!


"Floating" Love the bass tone in the jazz break. The solo harmonically fits but couldn't say much as the busy rhythm section dominates. And so it does thru the whole album. I spoke too soon, the middle solo is much more expressive!

You have done the intricate rif album, 

Overall the idea's are excellent , musically it is great!

Very, very Well Done!

I am sure it will do well, now the hard work begins!

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Fantastic!  Would you please share how this was recorded.  Are the drums samples/programmed?  Protools, Logic?  But most importantly, did you get those great tone from the HD500 direct/USB or as a front end for a tube amp.


I struggle getting quality via USB.  I rely on my DT25.


Very inspirational...You're obviously very dedicated and talented...


Best...Keep it up!

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Thank you very much!


Drums are indeed programmed, I used Addictive Drums.

My DAW is Cubase 7, and the tones are form my HD500 going through a Line6 UX2 (which is my interface).

I have never used the HD500 as the sole interface, as I would have to always have it on when wanting to listen to music on my monitor speakers or I'd have to unplug the monitors and plug them into my UX2. For that reaosn I have always plugged the autio out form the HD500 into the UX2. Works for me!



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Have you uploaded any patches/bundles to Customtome?  How was that main tone put together? Which Model, Cab, effects...Studio direct obviously, right?

Mono or stereo track in Cubase?

I'd be grateful to know a bit more about the patch so maybe I could make better use of my HD500.

I'm glad and agree that it definitely works for you!

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I honestly have to say that I am not an expert of the HD500 at all, I barely know about all the possible options, I only the the very basic functions.

My rhythm guitars are basically two tones panned L80/R80 IIRC: one is a Recto model (treadplate) and the other is the Fireball model, both are boosted with a tubescreamer model. And there is a gate, that's all.

I used the default cabs an mics I think. Really not much tweaking there, I thought the amp models sound great from the get go, I just turned the amp knobs a little and was happy with the results. Throughout doing some testmixes for my EP I experimented with different amounts of gain and that was very important. At first I think I had too much gain, then I tried with much less and later I added some more gain as a compromise.

But like I said, I am really no expert on the HD500, like if I had to try to get the tone of some famous albums or so, I would have no clue as how to do that.

Check out MeAmBobbo's  HD500 tutorials, he is also on this forum, he knows everything about this unit and has made so many awesome tones, and is a very cool guy!


I have not uploaded my patches anywhere, but mail me if you are interested and I can send them to you.

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I would very much like to check it out dude!!


I have just bought myself a HD500X with the intention of recording some groovy technical metal, with plenty of tone variations and plenty of balls,


I am curious now I have the thing as to how people are getting along with the unit and if it really does achieve the kinda sounds I bought it for.


Thanks dude :)

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Holy sith that is amazing man, proper good, blew me away infact.


I know i wanted the HD500x for a similar kinda sound, so you have really shown me I have made the right decision! thank you very much!


Your writing and playing is awesome man! proper loving your tracks, they are very interesting and don't get boring at any point, sorry i cant say more at this time about it as i have heard the whole thing once, and it sounds so good man, that i am going to keep listenign to it, and come back with a more fair complement !


So good man! again your song writing and playing really complements the tones you have dialled. and i am really enjoying the abundance of diffrent tones and styles u managed to work into it.


ACE!!  hope mine ends up half as good as this. WELL DONE!

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