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Calling ALL Dream Rig [JTV/L2T/HD500x] owners/users.

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Hello everyone


I think I finally found a rig that can do pretty much anything I need for my one man show.

I'm very excited because it's so friggin convenient and it does sounds good.


I still have a few quirks to iron out so hope that with this thread you can help me and a few others have a 100% Dream Rig system.



1. I'm going out of my HD500x via L6 to the L2T

    XLR out of the L2T to my Bose L1M2B2 Tonematch small console. 

    Doing in it this way I'm getting the exact same sound of the L2T is getting and switching from acoustic to electric presets.

    I'm getting a Hum on the Bose from the L2T XLR that I need to get rid of ASAP

    Any ideas how to do this correctly?


2. I can also go XLR out of the HD500x to the Bose Tonematch console but the signal level drops BIG time and the hum goes down too.
   Still getting the L2T sounding great via the L6 cable and all the switching from acoustic to electric just fine.


3. Is there a better way in doing this and to control the volume on the L2T?


4. I'm getting great tone even direct from the HD500x to the Bose T1 console and  I'm all about convenience and be as lightweight as possible

    Are any of you with me on this?… plus I can save myself some $$$ returning the L2T and have one less box to carry.

    The convenience of having a dedicated GTR monitor is great too I'm just asking because from another point of view
    I think is good to have all the sounds coming out of one source in this case the Bose L1M2B2 system.


5. Is there a way I can control the volume of the L2T other than the Master knob on the HD500x?

    Just want to know all the options available to have full control of the system and don't be slaved to knobs all over.


6. It would be great if you can explain your signal flow, system setup [ipads…etc…]



Pictures or videos can make a big difference explaining things so I would appreciate if you guys can do that.


thanks a lot for your help


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Do you run vocals with your one man show? I am still trying to sort out the exact stage rig you are going with.


An idea that occured to me today - makes more sense if you are using vocals - is, can you run the 'monitor' output from the Bose mixer to the L2t?


In that regard, treat the HD500x as the tone engine for your guitar. Run both XLR's from the HD500x to the BOSE mixer, don't worry about using the L6Link for now. Run your vocals into the Bose as well, and put the L2t on it's sideways kick stand floor monitor position.


Just a thought; with my group, we use the two L2t's as floor monitors, one for the drummer, one for the rest of us, focused so the singer can hear his vocals - but we don't really monitor the instruments as much.


If you aren't using vocals, then it makes more sense to go to the way you were already trying, which is the L2t is your 'guitar amp', and then the humm and power issues are something that you can tackle with power filtering, sorting out ground loop issues - and also make sure you are not overloading the input channel on the Bose mixer from the L2t line level XLR send.


I mean, technically, you could use the L6Link to the L2t, and also send the two XLR's from the HD500x direct to the BOSE mixer.


Take a look at how the Line6Link works with *several* L2 and L3 speakers, when configured using the M20d. It's a digital signal chain, that makes the most sense when you are using it's features - if the ability to switch the speaker mode of the L2t matters alot to the sounds you are sculpting for your guitar, then it makes sense to keep working with the Link feature. If you can achieve the tonal variations you need using the HD500, then you can treat the L2t more like a versatile stage monitor.


I would guess the Bose system is your primary PA system for the 'main mix' to your audience. Never underestimate the power of having quality monitors for what you need to hear though; especially when vocals are involved. I don't know if your Bose rig is acting as both main and monitor? If so, you could work with the idea that the Bose system is focused solely on audience sound,and the L2t can be your personal stage monitor.


Who knows, you may find your one man show adding a player or two at some point, and having the stage monitor sound be as high quality as possible will enhance your performance by making sure what YOU hear is as crystal clear as what your audience is hearing.

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Hi Colonel


I will use the dream rig as a dedicated guitar amp/speaker

I can try and use it like a monitor for guitar and vocals but I prefer the sound I'm getting for guitar only

then for vocals I'll just use my Bose L1M2B2 system


The difference in the guitar sound is pretty amazing if I use it like a guitar amp. It sounds better to me.




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