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Clipping When Recording PODHD500X/JTV-89F via USB

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Looking for suggestions to eliminate clipping when recording PODHD500X/JTV-89F via USB.


The master volume on the PODHD is turned all the way down when using the USB output for recording, so this isn't having an effect on the sound level. Also, because I am using a Variax, I imagine the guitar isn't overdriving the signal any.


Even when I turned down the input level going into the recording software (in this case Garageband) to as little as 25%, the clipping was still present, so again I imagine the input isn't too sensitive.


Any suggestions welcome,

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Check your MAC audio settings and Garageband master and track settings and make sure everything is at 0dB gain.

Use an HD tone (empty) with no effects and no amp (or bypassed) with mixer at 0dB gain, input 1 Variax, input 2 Aux (nothing connected)

Set your JTV to Spank 1 and you should see a input meter level of less than -15dB Peak playing a single note melody line.

Once you have this or a similar baseline you can add effects/amps and make sure your are not exceeding -12dB peak to avoid model compression/distortion.

Every model has output gain (channel volume on amps). If you dial the input gain/drive up, dial the output gain down to stay below -12dB.

Going a little above is OK, but don't go too far if you want to avoid soft compression and other effects the models throw at you when the peaks hit -6dB or higher.

Good luck,


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