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Problems with amps


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I need help on the LINE 6 Spider 212 Combo Guitar Amplifier w/FX.

Lately when I turn on the amp I have by default the amplifier in clean, but theproblem begins with the volume.

I use the metal zone together with the amplifier and after activating it in cleanthe amplifier gives me very low volume and even if I increase the volume, ismaintained at the same level.

I would like to know which type of problem may be.

other effects works well, has only failure on the clean effect


it has solution?

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I ended up taking my Spider IV 212 back to the shop where I purchased it from (went through 2 x of them)

I had an issue with the Green Insane channel distortion "bleeding". Had the noise gate & noise reduction activated and still had troubles. Even upgraded the firmware.

I would palm mute say an E5 and every 2nd or 3rd chord strike would have a sound thrown back at me .

Could not get a tight staccato palm mute.


The clean tone on the Spider IV is heaven but the distortion not so much.

I am using my old Spider II 212 as the distortion tone on it is far superior.

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