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Amplifier for Pod HD500


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In general, there's no amp best suited to the POD HD500, as your ears and personal tastes are

the final determining factor. But, because these POD HD units are designed with modelled amps

at its core, the FRFR standard would be the most logical and flexible to use with the POD HD's, as

these speaker setups are designed to be neutral in tone, and not colour your amp-sims like traditional

amps and cabinets do, thus allowing you to experience the amp-sim as it was intended to be heard.

My advice, look into FRFR standard and active/passive full-range speakers, chances are, you'll end

up looking at amps and cabinets that are already provided in the POD HD as a simulated algorithm.

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DT25....merges with the PODHD500 via L6 Link (1 cable) into a very flexible tone and effects machine with real tube output and 'feel' to boot.


I do find that the DT25 has it's own character and find it has a nice warm mid presence, which I like. There are a few settings to be made to get the PODHD singing properly through the DT and I'm still undecided about the role of the speaker cabs when using the DT25, leave them on/turn them off...?? I think it depends on the pre-amp model in question but only serves to offer more tonal choice.


The Line L2T FRFR speaker sounds very good on Youtube clips I've heard, it has a 'guitar' mode and again will connect via L6 Link. If I didn't already have the DT25 I would very seriously consider the L2T as my 'amp' but it would always need the PODHD connected whereas the DT25 can operate standalone and I'm not sure how the L2T would respond to additional pedals in the chain such as overdrives etc.

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