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No sound in headphones on X3 Live?

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I just picked up an X3 live a few weeks ago, so I'm not that familiar with the input / output system. 


I was able to simply scroll through the patches and listen to them on headphones but all of a sudden this isn't working. 


I tried a system reset using the "hold save buttons for 5 seconds" feature. But this didn't help. 


If I go into system and choose TWK for pedal I can get a sound. This seems a bit crazy for over 300 patches. Should it just automatically come out of the headphones? 


I have guitar selected on input.... 


I'm at a loss as to what happened.


Thanks for any help.




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There are some factory presets that are set up for inputs other than the guitar in. So if you are only using the guitar input when you scroll to those settings, you will hear nothing coming through the headphones because nothing is plugged into the inputs that are set up for those presets.

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