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Broken GX - use Pod Farm/Reason Line6 amps?

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Hi there,


I wonder if anyone can help with a conundrum I've found myself in. The USB port on my 2-year-old GX is broken, the light comes in when you plug it in at just the right angle but only on red, and I rang the help desk up and they agreed with that diagnosis. Fixing it would apparently be £30+ including postage etc, on something that only costs £80 new.....


Is there any way I can still use Pod Farm and the Reason Line6 rack with the extra amps? I've bought an extension FX set as well so I'd really prefer to keep on using that. I've got another guitar to USB port that seems to work ok though, so maybe this is a bit miserly but it seems like a waste to get shell out more cash just to get access to what I've already paid for.


Also, I've got an existing Reason track that won't play back properly, because of some of the amps used!


Any suggestions???? All advice greatly welcomed, thank you!

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If your computer can recognize the GX you should be ok, but it doesn't sound like that is the case (the GX acts as a dongle).


You could try to pick up a used GX, or purchase a POD Farm hardware independent license.

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Thanks so much! I thought that'd be the case but was still holding out some hope there was a way around it....I'll look into those alternatives instead. Thanks again!

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