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Guitar sound (tone1) sounds through vocals PA (tone 2)

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Hi everyone,

I use the pod X3 live for both guitar (tone 1) and vocals (tone 2)

I think everything is connected OK. Playing at gig or garage volumes everything seems to work fina, but if I play the guitar with the vol. pedal at 0 I can hear the guitar through the PA. Seems like thers's some shortcut or ground problems.


My connections: Guitar- Amp in - Amp fx send - X3L guitar IN - X3L live out 1/4 - Amp fx return.

Microphone - X3L XLR in - XLR out - PA


The output settings are OK (tone 1 muted on the XLR outputs and tone2 muted on the 1/4 output)


Any idea ofr why is this happening??



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Check your Pan settings. There is a bug in the X3 such that a pan setting of 100% actually allows some bleed through. Back off the Pan a small bit and see if that helps.

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