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Using a POD HD Pro for bass?

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Has anyone used a POD HD pro (Or pro X) for a live bass rig? Did it work out? I know I can get an awesome bass tone for recording with it, but does that translate over in the live setting with a venue sound system in your experiences?


When I used it at my last show ( I play lead guitar normally) I had a very thin and bassless tone, but I think that was a few too many eqs that caused that.

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I personnally don't like the preamp for bass too lumpy.

If I use my 1073 it smooths out the bass naturally.

And as I consider the bass already modulates enough as it is

no need for effects. but some of the HD effects do sound great on a bass.

As for live I got my Fender BXR 400Dual Amp for live and I didn't mind the POD HD in the 4 CM

But for my style of playing it is not needed in the loop.

I'd suggest a very good compressor pedal befor the HD for better results if using it. I don't mean a sustainer type compressor either , one with enough control to take the lumps out only, like one of those 1176's in a pedal. LOL

Cost way more than a POD HD500 LOL

Actually you should be able to play with the impedence on the way in to help smooth out the lumps and then try the Vintage pre and the LA2A in the Pod

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