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Live At Leeds On Hd500

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Can anyone suggest settings for the Live at Leeds sound for the HD500?  Most of The Who sounds are only available for older Line 6 products. 

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In the attached vid, u can hear the classic sound of Pete Townshend's SG @ Woodstock and Live at Leeds using a James Tyler Variax 69s, connected through VDI 2 a Line 6 HD500, XLR'ed direct 2 PA (2 channels, stereo).

In this live performance, the Rickenbacker Bass is passing through POD XT bean with FBV Shortboard 2 miced amp (bass XT patch will be posted later)

Patch used 4 the guitar:

This ***STEREO*** patch is expected 2 be played with a v2.10 JTV (Lester pos 2 with the tone knob set @ 70% and one whole step down tuning), connected through VDI 2 a v2.31 HD500, direct 2 PA (2 channels).

Set input1=variax, input2=same.

Trying 2 simulate the Woodstock (and Live at Leeds) famous Who performance, where the song was played in standard tuning in the key of A.
The studio version was recorded with the guitars tuned down whole step (DGCFAD), but the chord shapes were played on A major.
This proved to be an awesome technique, due 2 great rock resonance of the A major chord.

The link below is; sample of Townshend's guitar actual sound from Live at Leeds (standard tuning, key of A):

And here is the same sample transposed 2 G:

Pete Townshend used (and abused) exclusively on stage Gibson SG Specials (with P-90 "soapbar" pickups) from mid-late 1968 until 1971, and this is the guitar model with which he's most famously associated. This guitar model was used 4 the famous late '60s/early '70s live recordings, including Woodstock and Live at Leeds.

Since the SG Special is not implemented in the new JTV HD f/w, the patch is using the Lester pos 2, with the tone knob set @ 70% and one whole step down tuning.

For amplification Townsend used Hiwatt DR103 100w amplifier heads (2 heads, each driving one 200w Hiwatt SE4122 4x12 cabinet with 50w Fane speakers).

2 compensate 4 the extra SG brightness, the patch uses the XXL-V-30 cab on path B.

The patch also uses the Red Comp 2 fulfill the need 4 added boost and sustain.

Here is a quick tab on how 2 play the intro with the tuned down JTV:

|G G G G    |G/F G/F G/F G/F   |G G G G; |G/F G/F G/F G/F |

More info/dtls on:


Enjoy and ...do not abuse ur JTV!


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