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Guitar Effects Question


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Hey guys, noob question. I've been playing guitar for a few years as a hobby, but I've been using a Line 6 Pod XT Live multi effects pedal. I recently started experimenting with my Line 6 Spider III which has built in distortion settings, and I prefer it's sound over my effects pedal. I have been looking into buying individual pedals, but I have a few questions regarding which pedals to buy. Most of the articles I've read say that an Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz pedal are necessary for a good distorted sound, but I am happy with the Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane channels on the amp. If anything, I would buy a fuzz pedal, but do you guys think an overdrive and distortion would be necessary? Also, my amp has delay, reverb, phaser, tremolo, and some flanger effects, which are activated using the knob. Is it worth it to buy effects pedals for each of these effects? I know it's more convenient, but is it necessary? If you guys have any tips on which pedals are most important to buy that would really help. Thanks

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Hey There,


I wouldn't use any pedals when using the Spider they never seem to work/sound well together.


If you are looking for a basic pedal setup for a standard amp (for me who prefers the high gain sounds) it would be Distortion -> EQ -> Digital Delay. Obviously there are endless variations which quickly have you into the full pedalboard mode. Volume pedal, noise gate, modulation, etc............


I still have my XTL and it still rocks the metal pack really breaths some life into the XT series.




EDIT: Had to find this link for you that bjnette put up! Well worth a watch.



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With the Spider you basiclally have a set of effects pedals build into the Amp. So you should be good to go for the baisc stuff. Mainly the reason guitarist use different pedals is for different sounds. Not all effects are the same, Boss OD1 overdrive doesn't sound like a Ibanez Tube screamer etc...  So it really is a taste thing. And as BillBee pointed out some pedals sound very different with different amps. I'm not sure how the Spider individual voicings are modeled. I think out of the box they have some effects on them along with a amp model. If you happy with the sound for now you should be good. Over time you will likely find you want more options, hence a multi-effect or maybe some select pedals for different tones.

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I wouldn't bother adding pedals to the Spider.  The built ins are pretty good and you shouldn't need to waste money replacing them with external gear.  The Spider has no effects loop so forget reverbs and delays, use the onboard ones instead.


What you should be looking for is a good floorboard to connect to your Spider to control your patches and turn effects on and off.  Pretty sure either of the two below work with the Spider.  That will be far more useful than another stomp box...





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