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Best way to control "touchy" volume with HD500X


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I've had a HD500X for about a year or so and I still haven't figured out the best way to control the volume with my foot?

It's VERY touchy/sensitive... When I use my foot to control it, it is very sensitive (seems to pan/sweep to fast).  When I get the volume where I want it, I like to remove my foot from the pedal.. AND when I attempt to move it away from the pedal VERY carefully, it still will move ever so slightly.. which is precisely enough movement to make it either WAYYY too loud, and/or WAYYY too soft...


Currently I have EXP1 handling the volume (it's the pedal that is actually embedded into the unit).

I also usually have the volume assigned to an amp volume to save my having to use an additional effect in the chain.



I'm re-thinking this strategy..

I think that I need to use an external pedal and I already have the plastic Line 6 one laying around here anyway.

BUT>>>  I think I need some more info from you guys...

I guess I should do this anyway since, I need a better way to handle volume while I'm using a Wah..



What is the best way to setup EXP2 for volume?  Should I still have it operate the amp volume?

If this is a good strategy.. in order to get the volume pedal usable.. do I need to change it from 0-100% to 50-100%?

If so... what if I wan to lower the volume?  Do I need to assign TWO freakin volume pedals?... ha.. one for 0-50% and two for 50-100%?

Can we change how it sweeps?


What are the best ways that you are handling your volume - The band would like me to get this under control - grin.  I also don't feel like messing with my guitar volume pot to adjust this.. since it effects the tone when I do that..



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I would probably just set the lowest setting to where you want it on the low end and highest where you want it.....I would think you could probably get by like that. Im used to playing with others, and it drives me nuts when people can settle on a level, or have wildly different levels between patches, but thats just me.

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