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Using a headset with TonePortGX


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Hi everyone,


I've recently got a mic/headphone headset, the kind you'd use for Skype or gaming, with the intention of using it with my TonePortGX, so I can listen to myself sing while I play. I can't seem to get the TonePortGX to recognize the mic, although it works fine with the headphones part of the headset.

There must be some singing guitarists out there, so I was wondering if anyone uses the TonePort in this way. 

I also tried to get the TonePort's signal to go out of my laptop speakers (in which case I could just plug the headset into the laptop, which would recognise the mic) but no success either... Any ideas?





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The TonePort GX will not recognize the mic part of your headset it's only for stereo listening. As far your computer you would need a port which uses a port with headset and mic combined. I'm not sure if it work the way you want it too. Probably the UX1 would be better for mixing voice and guitar.

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