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Have XD-V70 - Replacing HH TX with XD-V75 RF2 - To Trans Issue

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I worked my HH TX to death and finally cracked it in HALF, Yes HALF.  I called TECH SUPPORT Monday and they said that the V Lines are all compatible.  My new HH TX is in, but I'm getting a "NO TRANS" message on the REC's display.  I've matched the channels, no avail.  Is there a magic pair button or way to make these two talk that I can't find in the manuals or videos?


Marc O'Leary

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Have you upgraded the firmware in the receiver? My recollection is that until you do so, the receiver won't work with RF2; you'd need to change the transmitter to RF1 mode. Try switching the TX to RF1 to test this out. If it still doesn't work, I'm about out of ideas.

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Hi There!

Mine broke in two halfs, too. :-( Same Issue. So the update is the deal to get the new transmitter working with the old receiver? I cannot find the documents in the support anymore. All google results lead me to outdated links. Line 6 Monkey does not show any XD-V products at all. Is the update still possible? How do I proceed?

Thx for your help.

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