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JTV 89F tuning

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Are you sure that this isn't just the strings stretching... this is only to be expected - for any Floyd Rose (double locking) system you need to regularly reset the locked position at the headstock:

  1. Loosen the locks at the headstock end
  2. Reset the Bridge tuners so they are in a neutral position
  3. Tune Guitar
  4. Tighten locks at Headstock 

Now you will have a reasonable range of adjustment at the Bridge tuners again

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Yeah that sounds like either string stretch or the springs aren't balanced correctly.  Can you see if the Floyd is parallel or tilited vs the guitar body?  This is the tricky thing about Floyd Rose systems.  However once you get them set up correctly they stay that way.  I have had my VARIAX hold tune with the Floyd rose for 4 months at a time with active gigging (I use Elixirs).  Also make sure you use the same guage strings when you swap out.

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