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UX1 + Podfarm 2.57 + Mixcraft 6 Problems HELP!!!

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I bought a Line 6 UX-1 a while ago and ran it with Mixcraft 6.

I wasn't having any troubles till recently.

I cant get any sound from either pod farm 2.57 or Mixcraft 6. Pod farm picks up my guitar and mixcraft picks up podfarm but my computer wont pick up and playback from either.

It does this on both my desktop and my laptop.

I haven't made any changes to anything as far as I know.


Yes my speakers are connected as I can still hear itunes, youtube etc.

With Mixcraft 6 I cant even hear the sounds in the library so its not just podfarm / the ux1 thats being weird.

Yes i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the line 6 programs.


What is going on? Does anyone know what might be happening? 

Cheers for any replies.

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You may not have been using the ASIO drivers, in which case you may be able to choose the UX as an input (with no ASIO) and your internal soundcard as the output).

Or you may have run the analog outs or headphone outs of the UX to your computers line-in (to the internal soundcard).

This can cause problems.


When using the UX, it becomes your soundcard, which is why you need to connect headphones or speakers directly to it and chose Line6 ASIO as your device.

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