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Using through effect loop...


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I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best?  Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes?



By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times!  

Apologies for the redundancy!

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Are you using the front input of your amp? And/or the 'four cable method'?


Any of the Line6 floorboards (M13, FX100, HD500, etc) could be accurately described as being able to save 'scenes'; the biggest distinction is the amp modeling.


For example, the M13 is *only* FX, no amp models.

The FX100 has amp models and FX, however, near as anyone can tell, you cannot disable the Microphone Modeling on any of the Amplifi tones / patches.


The HD500 has all the same FX as the M13, and it also has amp models - all of which are the "most recent" amp and fx models.

The FX100 / Amplifi is the newest equipment to be released, and focuses primarily on the bluetooth aspect and the "app" control - the actual fx and amp models are derived from the older XT/X3 era.


Here are some examples of setup; you could approach this in many different ways, but in general, currently, the HD500x offers the most overall flexibility for input, output and modification of the signal process - while also incorporating the newest 'HD' amp models and 'M-class' FX. For example, with the HD500 you can choose to disable the microphone simulation (combo/poweramp) vs leave the mic models on (studio/direct).


Lets say you want to send a direct signal to the main mix or PA via XLR, but also send a 1/4" to the FX return of your amp. In that case, studio/direct will give you the ability to let the HD500 do all of the signal processing, and the sound going to the house mixer will be equivalent to the sound being sent to the fx return of your amp.


Combo/poweramp mode (on the HD500) TURNS OFF THE MIC MODELS, which typically means that you would not get a good signal via the XLR; instead, you would still run the 1/4" to the fx return of your amp, then you would have them place an actual microphone on your guitar amp, and use that signal for the main mix.


The distinction is crucial, and near as I can tell, of those three options (HD500 - FX100 - M13) the HD is the only version which gives that type of control. 

For me it's the difference between the sound of your amp in front of you, vs the sound of your amp as heard in the control room, mic'd up, and you are hearing it through speakers other than the actual amp.


The M13 is a totally different option. It models stomp boxes, and can be used in front of your amp, or in the FX loop - but there is no 'amp modeling', so you would still be depending on your actual physical amplifier to create the amp+cab tones, and you would likely need to then mic your amp to get sound to the PA.


You could run the M13 in front of the amp, IE, guitar->M13->amp front input. Or you could run it in the FX loop, IE, guitar->amp-fx send->m13-fx return.


For years I used my HD500 going 'studio/direct' to the main mix while running a 1/4" to the FX return of various 1x12 combo amps, and used them solely as a powered speaker. Earlier this year, I moved into a DT25 amp, so that changed my process quite a bit.


i won't go too much into that, but the HD500 is also the only option of the those three which has a VDI input for Variax, and Line6Link, for use with the DT25 or DT50 amps, and/or with the L2 and L3 StageSource speakers. The HD500 is also the only (of those three) which has USB out for direct to computer recording. (so far... that feature/function *might* be added to the FX100 later in a firmware update, but.... who knows).


The HD500 has XLR outs, FX100 and M13 do not. In that sense, the FX100 is the only option that can be used with Bluetooth and the iPhone / iPad / Android app for editing.


I probably should have asked this first: what is the amp you intend to use this with?

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