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Building starting point guitars in Workbench HD

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I have a JTV-59 and HD500x. I have the HD500x connected to a PC via USB.


Using that setup with the HD500x outputting to a small PA system what is the best way to make sure the HD500x isn't "colouring" the sound of the models I build in Workbench HD?


I wondered how you guys go about it. I want to build my guitars' in Workbench HD and then move to POD HD500x edit to build my tones afterwards.


What I appear to need is a "bypass" setting on the HD500x i.e. so the PC still detects it and takes the information from the JTV-59 to Workbench software but the output I get to the PA isn't affected by any HD500x settings.


Any ideas?



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In the HD500x you can set it to no amp and then just turn off all effects.  I'm not sure what that really accomplish for you? If you were building a real guitar, to test it out you would run it into an amp. That amp would color the sound, some more than others but bascially even you PA colors the sound some minute amount. 

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