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Beginner needing help adding stomp boxes to HD500X


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Hi Eveyone.


i am sorry I am a beginner here and I had a couple of questions I was hoping some more experienced players would be willing to help me with. I just bought a POD HD500x and I bought 2 Stomp Pedals - a T.C. Electronic "The Dreamscape" Pedal (which is a chorus/flanger pedal) and a Wampler TrippleWreck Distortion Pedal.


I have never worked with stompboxes with a POd before so my question is, should I use the effects loop or as far as the distortion goes, should I plug my guitar straight into the TrippleWreck then into the input of the POD HD500x and perhaps put "THe Dreamscape pedal in the effects loop. Or should I set it up with the guitar straight into the TripleWreck Distortion Pedal, then to The Dreamscape Pedal, then to the input of the HD500x.


Or should I use the Effects Loop? And if I use the Effects loop, hopw should I set that up? (Again I am sorry I am a beginner).


So I am looking for more experienced guitar/effects people who can tell me the proper way I should set this up. So basically, here are the signal chains that I am not sure to use:


Should I use:


A) Guitar ->TripleWreck Distortion Pedal -> HD500x input - > The Dreamscape in the effects loop


B) Guitar -> Triplewreck Distortion Pedal -> The Dreamscape Pedal -> HD500x input


C) Guitar -> HD500x -> Tripplewreck DIstortion Pedal -> The Dreamscape Pedal -> Effects loop


Agaijn I sincerly apologize that this is such a beginner question, but I am new at this and was hoping some more experienced experts could help me out and tell me what setup is the proper way to set this up.


Thank you very much for any and all help that anyone can provide, I sincerly appreciate it!

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You'll always want to use distortion before the POD if you're using POD for amp modeling.


There's plenty of ways to route it, but for you, I'd just go Guitar ->Pedals ->POD input ->out



For me, I have a Variax guitar, and I can't throw pedals between the POD and guitar, but I can use an FX loop to throw pedals before everything, so if you ever need to do that, don't be afraid, it works.

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