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Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by trey41303 on 2007-11-11 15:12:09.5190
I have found great use for the built in fx in the spider iii...but I am doing a small intimate gig in about 28 days and will be using multiple fx including some boss pedals and a crybaby original wah....There is no "fx loop in" and when I use the boss pedals it is sucking a lot of sound out of my amp..for example I will have the amp putting out a bluesy "tube like" break up distortion and need to switch to a more metal distortion and when i use the boss pedal it actually thins the sound and lowers the pedals are pluged in to an ac outlet so its not the battery and pedals are good. Is there a certain order I should hook everything up? I am using a boss metal zone pedal and phase well as the crybaby.....I would buy the fbv express board but i like the tone I am getting...just want to add 1 or 2 fx...any one else experience same problem...maybe because this is a modeling amp it can't take the pedals ?? my peavey classic 30 doesn't have the same problem....but the spider iii fits our group better sound wise/// let me know what yall think.....



Re: Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by eKrunch on 2007-11-11 15:56:53.2850
Hi trey41303-

The best way to use effects in front is to setup a clean channel to run it through.
If you're planning a live gig, you really should consider getting an FBV of some sort, so you can call up your custom settings & use your FX up front. I'm using an FBV express on a Spider II 212 & it offers up a lot of flexibility. Also using Morley wah & Digitech RP80 in front. So now I have 2 wahs, a volume pedal, 4 modeling presets AND the goodies in the RP80. Works pretty good.

Keep us posted

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Re: Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by lpsim7 on 2007-11-11 18:44:34.8430
if you want a fatter tone for overdrive and distortion,get rid of your boss distortion pedal and get the behringer gdi21 analog amp modeling pedal(only 30.00 new!),i use this pedal on my spider III 15w combo and it sounds real good,i tried a boss overdive/distortion pedal and it sounds bad compared to the gdi21 for distorted tones,your amp will be voiced a little different than mine due to the speaker size and wattage difference but you should be able to get a decent sound through your clean amp channel,i have the drive boost OFF on my clean channel and it sounds better this way for my setup,if you want to know more about the gdi21 and my spider III 15w,read one of my previous posts.

Re: Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by Shite on 2007-11-12 04:35:39.5790
Hey Dude,I agree with the running your external effects through a clean setting,works ok for me except with delays through the metal models.I recently had a similar question to you but I have the 212 150 and apparently the only true answer is Don't use out board effects on an amp with inbuilt effects.Hope you get it sorted.

Re: Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by trey41303 on 2007-11-12 05:45:47.3250
Thanks so much. I hear you guess I should just bite the bullet and buy the express pedal board...I think that is the most logical thing to do at this time.

Re: Line 6 Spider iii 75w using fx and wah pedals????
by trey41303 on 2007-11-12 05:54:49.0840
Hey I think that is what I will do...Also been having problems with the wah...It has no sweep. Just low and high on and off. I believe I can fix the problem by replacing a few resistors and capacitors and adding a true bypass while I am at it. Very frustrating. Also had trouble last night....with volume and tone quality. My amp kept fading and sounding thin and then having gobs of feedback and terrible sounds....we are running a 2000 w amp for vocals/drum machine/and running a 72 gibson thunderbird through a trace elliot into it as well so that we don't have to pull the sun 15 out of storage allong with 2 gsp's an early 70's sears silvertone amp (which is the ballsiest amp I have ever heard) a computer, mixer board, and a fan all on the same circuit...My buddy is playing that sears silver tone through a full stack and I thought well My amp is just too small,..kept turning it up...well...when they took a break I thought I would work on my stuff and it was so loud I couldn't stand in the room...Power was getting sucked out....we were on the same circuit...which has been re-enforced since they built the jam 100yard extention cord to the house yall think that would work