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Re: My Vetta Sounds Too Different At Loud Volumes...
by twilightzodiac on 2008-08-06 01:25:58.7760
I did half of what you said already before reading this, guess that means I was half correct. And yes this does help, thank you for the info.

My Vetta Sounds Too Different At Loud Volumes...
by twilightzodiac on 2008-08-05 16:55:55.2280
So as some of you may know, my Vetta 2 combo has been a real pain in the ass for awhile.
I recently just completed a session that I was asked to come in and help out and I took the Vetta in. Now it sounds fine aside from the problems at low volumes, but when I used it and thank god it worked, I needed to use it at a more gig/rehearsal volume level. It just sounded so much less clear and well, digital.

I have the loudness of and the presence off blah blah blah.
Any help would be great.

Re: My Vetta Sounds Too Different At Loud Volumes...
by GMArts on 2008-08-06 00:25:01.9230
I'd recommend eliminating all the things that can reduce clarity, then reintroduce the ones you need, one at a time to make sure you're improving rather than degrading
your tone.

So this means:
- Loudness off, definitely
- Centre the global reverb, bass & treble controls
- All FX off, reverb included (this also removes any stereo interference)
- One amp and cab model, panned centre for mono
- Tweak at the volume you intend to play, and play where you intend to stand

Then slowly introduce stuff you think is missing. Hope this is helpful.

Re: My Vetta Sounds Too Different At Loud Volumes...
by Pstrat on 2008-08-06 03:20:01.7270
Digitalness is such a generic term.

My suggestions would be:

Tweak at gig volume.

If going direct, try running a mic preamp maybe even tube based

Try using One amp at a time.

Post EQ: set high eq at -12db and Frequency as high as it will go 8000

If you're using guitar cabs with Regular speakers, try turing Cab sims off.

I tend to roll off High and Bass global eq when I play at gig volume ( this is patch and individual dependent of course),

Apparently thecab sim with the flatest frequency response is the Line 6 2x12, you could try tweaking all patches around this.

The Vetta Toolkit (armin cab mod) has some extra cabs that seem to reintroduce some mids and extra frequencies that improve sound I think.

I personally use Loudness and Presence on, and half power mode.

Lastly, you may never totally loose the digitalness, hence why this Amp seems to have wanned in popularity.

Re: My Vetta Sounds Too Different At Loud Volumes...
by ajwebber on 2008-08-14 07:09:26.6920

Line6 recognised the problem that patches didn't sound consistent between low and high volumes volumes in an attempt to correct this introduced Fletcher-Munson compensation curve modelling in its latest firmware download for Vetta (v 2.5)

According to Line 6... "turning on “Loudness” on Output Page 2, ties a Fletcher Munson loudness curve to the Master Volume control so you can dial in your patches at any volume and have them sound pretty much the same at a variety of master volumes"

So maybe you DON'T have this functionality switched on (it's not enabled by default). This would explain the marked difference you're reporting between sounds for the same patch at different volume levels.

Enabling this setting made a hell of a difference for me and gnerally provides a better consistency of sound between low and levels but, as a previous poster notes, on some patches it may sound better turned off when playing at loud volumes.

You can tweak setting at various volume levels but, frankly, its a pain in the ass when moving between stages of different sizes or to the studio, especially if you rely on more than one sound/patch during a gig! If you really wanted to do this then the only that I can see to quickly recall the right setting for the right environment would be to store them as separate user presets...


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