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To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by rolsted on 2008-09-26 07:48:09.1130
To Line 6

Have you plan, to get som update, soon? I think, some new backingtrack.

It was a great box
I just got it last week, and I couldn't be happier! It works as advertised, and really helps me get inspired to practice. I like it because I typically like to practice scales and Blues, Rock and so on.

Are there any place, where I can download new backingtrack to JM4?

It's a great product, Thanks Line 6

Best Regard
René Rolsted

Re: To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by bclarke675 on 2008-09-26 08:07:35.9660
I believe you can import backing tracks to a user bank via an SD card. Just make sure the card is formatted first in the JM4, and that the backing track is in mono .wav format. See other threads listed here to convert MP3s to that format. Have fun!

Re: To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by zzini on 2008-09-26 08:24:48.3810
there are a couple of places i use for backing tracks, i think if you type in at google "guitar backing tracks" or "jamtracks" you will find some good sites where downloads are free but they ask for a donation via paypal. most of the tracks are in stereo so you will have to mix them to mono, i beleive "audicty", a free shareware program, will do that but i could be wrong. some of the files are midi generated and sound terrible to me, but most of them are very well done. i'm not on my home computer so the name of the backing tracks site i use escapes me at the time, if i remember i will post the sites with links later.

heres the site i use the most:

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Re: To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by vesperal on 2008-09-29 09:59:02.9940
Excellent link! Do you know other ones?
And yes it would be cool that line6 make some good rock and metal loops to add on the jm-4 (there is not too much in this style of music)

Re: To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by zzini on 2008-09-30 05:19:33.6120
of the sites i've found i've found, in my case this site is the best, the play preview so you can hear the track first isnt available on some of the other sites. i'll list the others shortly. amopng otehr things it was because of this site i considered teh digitech jamman, the unit can play off flash cards unlike teh jm4, there fore you could load up a bunch of these backing tracks and just jam to them, right now i use a cheap mp3 player with these tracks loaded and plug into the aux jack with a 1/8 to 1/8 male cord.

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Re: To Line 6 - New backingtrack to JM4
by onekillerbee on 2008-09-30 22:33:39.2960
I believe there is also guitar port online but its subscription service and I believe you have to convert the tracks to a wav file because they are .l6t format. Not sure anymore its been a long time since I have subscribed. When I let my subscription lapse. The tracks stopped working too. Kinda like paying for your guitar mag subscription for a year then having the publisher steal them in the middle of the night from you after you paid for them.

But as I stated I have NOT done the guitarport on line thing in a very Loooooooooong time so they may have changed there format. Might be worth checking out. Sometimes they have free 30 day trials for the service.
Like its been said before, lots of free ones all over the net seek and you shall find ;-)