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Tap Tempo Use
by dldman on 2008-12-03 16:39:14.1940
Can someone please tell me exactly how to use the tap tempo pedal to adjust the modulation effects I'm using ? I am not able to get the pedal to adjust the effects. The tap pedal light does respond to my tap input by flashing faster and slower as I use it and the tempo meter on the last edit page also changes so the controller is registering that the tap tempo is changing but it does not change the effects. I cannot figure out what I either have set or not set that is preventing this feature from working.

Re: Tap Tempo Use
by Jeremy_Shirland on 2008-12-03 16:44:07.1890
You have to go to the "speed" setting in your modulation effect, and turn the knob counter-clockwise until you see various note values - with the quarter-note value being most representative of the tap-tempo flasher. Other note values will respond to their qualities.

Re: Tap Tempo Use
by e04greench on 2008-12-04 04:34:46.8150
You set all the modulation and delay times in one of two ways.

(a)... dial in the speed in milliseconds.
That way you have an exact time that will never change, no matter how fast/slow you tap the tap tempo.

(b)... dial in the note value (half, quarter, dotted-eight, etc.).
That way you have an exact delay/modulation that will always change to however fast/slow you tap the tap tempo.
This way is best if you want to match the delay times to other stuff such as synths, sequencers, recorders, etc...

Re: Tap Tempo Use
by LoonyBin-Fizzbin on 2008-12-04 05:09:29.3140
And you can also have the "Analog with Mod" delay to set both the Time with one control! And as well you can get 2 Mod effects at the same time!

From Here:

"Here's a nice workaround that can help you achieve something that you might have missed otherwise. Normally you can assign one modulation effect with your POD XT- or Gearbox- series gear. However there's a way of using two modulation effects at once. Thanks go out to Crusty Old Rocker for sharing it through Here's his complete story.

"I stumbled across a neat little work around. I needed a tremolo (tremolo effects are in the modulation effects category) combined with a chorus (which is also in the modulation effects category) so I can't have tremolo and chorus together. Right? Wrong!!!

I remembered that the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man is a combination of delay and chorus. So I set up the Opto-Trem and added the Analog w/Mod to it. Now I just needed to get rid of the delay. I turned the delay time to minimum and feedback to zero so all I'm left with is the chorus.Now, before you jump in to tell me that the chorus of the Analog w/Mod is only applied to the echo and not the direct sound, I'd like you to try this yourself.

Turn off any modulation effects and just turn on the delay and select Analog w/Mod. Wind the delay time right down to minimum (20ms), turn the feedback to zero and here's the important part, set the Mix to 50% less or more than 50% reduces the amount of chorus. Now adjust the Mod Speed and Depth of your chorus to suit your taste. By the way, this same trick can be applied to the Phase Echo to add a phaser effect to another modulation effect.

Now just add a modulation effect from the Modulation category and there you have it, a chorus or phaser that you can add to any other Modulation effect.

I don't know if others have discovered this workaround before me but I just thought that it is worth sharing." We've added the tremolo/chorus patch for your convenience.

Re: Tap Tempo Use
by Jeremy_Shirland on 2008-12-04 09:03:29.7570
I stumbled onto that as well. It's a great trick! It can also add some depth to the "rotary speaker + horn" effect... essentially modding a mod:) It's not up there with B4 or anything, but it makes it usable. Drive--->Rotary w/mod--->mod delay(no delay)--->Eq. If you need a more stereo patch...put the mod delay first.

Re: Tap Tempo Use
by dldman on 2008-12-04 15:49:15.0280
Thanks to everyone who answered the question.

I am amazed that nowhere in the manual does it say that the effect tempo must be set in the edit mode to allow the tap tempo pedal to work.