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Power supply for EU, DC or AC or both?
by rdymond on 2009-06-09 16:22:07.5300


I am disappointed that the line6 jm4 looper ships with a very limited and heavy power supply. I ask that line 6 ditch this 80's style giant brick and move to a light modern supply that can handle North America, South America, and Europe standard voltages.

I am in the EU and bought 220v to 9v 3A DC supply. I just noticed on the line 6 unit it say 9v AC minimum. Does the line6 work with a 9v DC input as well, or only 9v AC?

Don't want to blow up the unit, so please lmk asap.

Re: Power supply for EU, DC or AC or both?
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-06-09 16:46:11.9890

Definitely only AC.  The lack of alternating current in a DC power supply will only deliver half the voltage into the unit.  So it will not power the Looper.  You will need to get a 9V Alternating Current power suply.



Re: Power supply for EU, DC or AC or both?
by rdymond on 2009-06-09 17:41:54.4120

Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping for a more intelliegent power cct. on board that would take into account that most customers in your market use standard 9vdc on their rigs. I guess I am SOL for using the looper on this road trip.

In searching for this answer I went through the manual, and numerous sites. It was not listed anywhere. In fact online some replies talk about center pin polarity which is only for DC supplies.

I found *lots* of postings around the net on the complaint/problem that the line6 power supply does not handle anything but 110/120 v input. This is a significant device damaging and user unfriendly feature. If line6 shipped a supply that could handle 120/220 inputs, warranty returns would go down, customer satisfaction would not be damaged as is now the case, AND the product would be enhanced with a more portable, lighter, and user friendly power source.

There are good low noise switching power supplies used in many audio systems today.

Please pass this request to improve the product to engineering.



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