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JTV 59, greatest guitar i've ever played,, but,,,,
by sosmusic on 2013-03-12 09:34:03.1620

First off i just want to say how in love i am with my JTV 59,, it sounds so amazing and feels so much better than any guitar i've ever played. It feels like part of me. Bravo Line6 & James Tyler, it's truley a work of art and I am thankfull

However,  while i am playing it will sometimes just go into drop d with out me touching anything. Also, when i engage the alt tuning it will also put the guitar in drop d when i have the alt tuning knob turned to standard. It also remains in drop d if i turn it from standard to drop d,,, also the light on the alt tuning knob does not remain on when i have it engaged so you can't tell if its on or not until you start playing. Anyone else experience problems like this. The guitar engaging drop d without me touching anything seems to be a very "line 6" type of issue, most of the "Pods' i've had would do stuff like that, change patches or turn effects on and off etc. on their own.

Thoughts,, anyone ???

Re: JTV 59, greatest guitar i've ever played,, but,,,,
by silverhead on 2013-03-12 10:05:04.2500

Sounds to me that your Alt Tuning knob is dirty or even defective. I would try rotating it vigorously several times through its full range. Also check that the knob is not being hampered by the guitar body as you depress it. If so, try removing the knob from the shaft and putting a small piece of paper inside to lift the knob a tad when you reinstall it.

If this doesn't resolve things I would open a support ticket to deal with Line 6 directly on a potential internal hardware problem.

As for the light being temporary - that is normal behaviour.

Re: JTV 59, greatest guitar i've ever played,, but,,,,
by Leftzilla on 2013-03-19 09:47:02.2540

Silverhead is right on the money (as usual) but while it sounds redundat you may want to try and reflash the guitar to see if that solves the issue.

Re: JTV 59, greatest guitar i've ever played,, but,,,,
by sosmusic on 2013-03-21 08:51:40.4930

i took the guitar to where i purchased it  ( Long & Mcquade Edmonton ) and they sent it off to be repaired, looks like the alt tuning knob is defective. Should have it back in a couple of weeks. Can't wait, being apart from that guitar just verifies how much i love it !!!!!

Also off topic i am strongly considering getting a JTV 89 ,,, just for the hell of it !!!!

Thanks for the replies ,,,, Viva la Variax !!!!

Re: JTV 59, greatest guitar i've ever played,, but,,,,
by tnickasn on 2013-03-22 18:59:29.8620

Hey there,

I have a similar problem.  I purchased my 59 back in Nov 2012 (it was produced in April 2011 based on serial number) and after about a month the guitar started changing models on it's own. At first it was when I was trying to work on some patches but then it started happening even when I was just playing the guitar via a guitar cable alone.  I purchased from Long & McQuade Vancouver and it's been back in their shop for almost 3 months now.   If I don't get it back from Long & McQuade by early April, I'm going to have to demand a refund or a new guitar.... 3 months for a repair is BS.  


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