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How to fix faulty wah?
by rodofrage on 2013-03-12 11:39:16.6900

I bought a PODHD500 back when they first came out with the faulty wah switch.....the one where you kick down the pedal.....and it kicks on the wah.   Well mine does simply does'nt never has....and it's way past it's 1 year warranty.    Well I didn't worry about it too much then cuz I was'nt much into wah...but things change and now I'd like the feature to work.   I'm not too bad with fixing things & I can work a soldering gun fairly well do I go about replace'n the switch.....can I order one from Line 6??? And how do I go about ordering one???

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by bjnette on 2013-03-12 14:17:02.0940

Yeah mine didn't work either when I first got it. Also the expression pedal didn't work either.

Even under warranty I pulled it apart and checked the mechanical workings and cleaned all contacts with surgical alcohol.

I was content to leave it at that as it didn't change anything and use it regardless. I read the manual and saw the recalibration data sheet re updating the firmware on this site and the pedal calibration.

What fixed the exp toe switch was force. It took alot more pressure then I was applying to get it to switch.

I was using my hand to get it to switch.

Do not be affraid to bare down with your toe adding greater presure till it clicks rather than stomping on it.

Also, you need to set up the wah to be controlled by the pedal, not all patches are set to do this even though it might have a wah in it.

As you have had it for a while I presume you know this stuff but I put it there as even on my car I only just found out why my

cruise control didn't work for two years LOLOL.

I really hope it is something simple for you too!

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by toneman2121 on 2013-03-12 15:32:54.3780

"even on my car I only just found out why my cruise control didn't work for two years"                           

so don't leave me hanging, what was wrong with the cruise? 

plus 1 on your answer

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-13 01:32:53.3030

+1 on the +1.   You really do have to put your full weight on the pedal to get it to actuate to start with.  You should see the light toggle over from EXP1 to EXP2. 

If it does,but there is no wah ...

1)  Check your patch actually has a wah assigned

2)  If still no wah then try recalibrating the expression pedal ---> Expression Pedal Re-Calibration HD500

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by bjnette on 2013-03-13 03:19:14.9970

I bought it used as a work vehicle and couldn't figure out why the buttons wouldn't engage cruise I discoved the switch on the right indicator stem. This is near 2 years since I got it! HahahaLOLOL. My previous older model didn't need a switch. You just pressed the buttons on the wheel.

Probably should reread the HD500 manual now I am more familiar with its operation.

Just goes to show, live and learn.

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by rodofrage on 2013-03-18 18:19:21.4930

I'm gonna break out the allen wrenches and the screw drivers and see what is wrong.  I can stand on the thing and it doesn't work......I can't even feel the "click" like I did on the X3 Live.  I'm fairly sure it's the switch...I was almost one of the first ones to get a HD500(I was the 2nd person in the Cincinnati Area that had one...I was waiting on it)....and I thought I  read somewhere that there were the 1st few that had faulty switches????

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by bjnette on 2013-03-19 00:51:46.1900

If I remember right there is not much there. There is the well made pedal support brace and a pressure switch and a rubber stopper. The rubber stopper I imagine after much use gets compressed and the switch activates easier.

If the switch it might not be too hard to get a replacement from Line 6.

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by rodofrage on 2013-03-21 14:22:31.2760

Ok....I took the HD500 apart...yep it's a analog devices ADSP-21369 KSWZ-2A processor.....I put  some alcohol on the's soldered to a small circuit board and has one  ribbon wire with a connector and one dual wire soldered...if the switch ever does go'd prolly have to replace the whole small circuit board that's attached by 2 small screws.....just for the one switch.....So  I put it all back together an....Voila!!'s working now.  So thanx alot....that'll do it.

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by rodofrage on 2013-03-21 14:27:29.9010

And one more thing to think about....did anyone have a XT Live or X3 Live....I had both but my memory sucks....was it always clicking the toe part to kick on the Wah....or was one of them you had to click down the heel part of the pedal to activate the Wah???

Re: How to fix faulty wah?
by toneman2121 on 2013-03-21 14:55:38.8680

i had a similar cruise control but it was after market. the car was a 1971 dodge

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