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My 59...
by Geech on 2013-03-13 17:42:37.7700

Is sitting in the FedEx warehouse 10 miles from me and they refuse to let me have it until tomorow. I may go crazy.

And Hello to everyone. Long time HD 500 user finally taking the JTV plunge. I'm losing my mind waiting

Re: My 59...
by dchernov551 on 2013-03-13 21:41:01.2570

Hey and welcome onboard! I know the feeling of waiting, but the fact that it is only 10 miles away from you is crazy indeed! Hey, it is very close to you now, so there is only a little bit left to wait and it is in your hands! Good luck to you and I hope that things move further as soon as it is only possible!

Sharing the happy burden of waiting, I am sure you will like it and do not go crazy yet, - save it for the moment when you plug your JTV in. You know, I had the happy tears in my eyes as I started playing my JTV89F!

-- Denis

Re: My 59...
by Geech on 2013-03-14 16:29:02.6750


That's the first thing that comes to mind after a few hours with this thing. I own an Inspired by Lennon Casino and my father has an old Les Paul Junior and I can attest that those models are really good. The casino is dead on IMO. I've just been messing around but once I get diggin into this and the HD500 together I'll be in heaven!

That is if I can pry it out of my Dad's hands. I think I might know what's up for his B-Day later this year.

Thanks for this exceptionally insprational instrument.

Re: My 59...
by dchernov551 on 2013-03-14 21:04:38.2540

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and so happy that there is another happy Line 6 James Tyler Variax user. I also said "wow" or the Russian word for excitement when I have spent few hours with this amazing instrument. I had teary eyes and couldn't believe that I could play all these rare vintage guitars and all the exotic instruments that I always wanted to try, but never had a chance or an opportunity to. I never had any of the guitars listed or anything close, but I could get all of the sounds I dreamt of.

It's great that you own Casino inspired by John Lennon - must be a great guitar to have and your Dad has Les Paul Junior. You have cool Dad!
Thank you for attesting that these models are really good. It is always great to have someone comparing the models to the originals as these opinions surely help engineers at Line 6 proud and happy! Casino has a very special sound and I also thought that it is dead on, even from what I could hear on Youtube and from the CDs where this guitar was used without too much studio processing or different tricks.

I am sure that POD HD500 will bring you to the top of musical delights! I do not have the POD, but my Nova System from TC Electronic started to shine with the help of my JTV89F! I can say the same thing about my Roland Cube amp. I still have to try three of my guitar pedals with it to see how it works, but so far the week that I've had it, I keep playing whenever I can and write new songs. What can be better - just plug it in and room looks tidy even though there are 29 guitars in it!

It's great that your Dad likes it and no wonder that you can't get it from his hands! Say hello to him and give him my congratulations with this guitar and such amazing son who is also into music and guitar playing like Dad! And the idea for the birthday is superb!

Enjoy your guitar and may you have lots of inspiration and new music coming out! Good luck and God bless you! Congratulations again!

-- Denis

Re: My 59...
by Geech on 2013-03-15 13:51:06.2890

Thanks Denis!

My Dad I spent most of the night last night really putting this thing through it's paces and trying to find a flaw in the modeling. My main axe is a PRS SE Tremoti with EMG 81/85 combo. I play a lot of everything but my first love is loud distorted, detuned metal type music. I really figured I would still be using my PRS for metal and the Line 6 for everything else. I never thought in a million years the tuning and models would stand up to fast distorted music. Boy was I wrong. I spent at least 3 hours going through different tunings, banging the heck out of it and basically rocking out and never once did I feel like the software was letting me down. I did some slide stuff with the open tunings and it was spot on.My dad was doing all kinds of crazy jazz runs and sweeps and it never flinched. I just can't say enough good things but I really feel I should own it more than 24 hours before I do

A few things I did today, I changed out the tuners for Hipshot Locking tuners and lowered the action and reset the intonation. It is rock solid now!

I will say this. I was planning on getting another guitar with a Floyd Rose and was thinking of another PRS SE that they make that is set up for metal but after seeing how well this thing works/plays, I'm thinking really hard about one of the new 89Fs

Re: My 59...
by Geech on 2013-03-21 12:09:08.4610

Well after having my 59 for a week I can honestly say, this last week has seen me learn more new songs and get more done during my practice time than I have in a LONG time.

I will first say, nothing about this guitar is "perfect"  But it does what it does so damn well it's easy to over look some of the little "problems" plus it can only get better with updates

As far as the electric models, if they aren't spot on, they are close enough for me. A few I've already mentioned are spot on since my family owns 2 of the axes modeled.

The acoustics 6 strings are amazing. The only thing that seems a bit off are the stock 12 string models. I haven't tried tweaking them yet, and they are workable as is but they seem to need a little work.

Here is where the axe really shines for me personally. Alternate tuning!! I have 25 years of Guitar Mags full of songs I've wanted to mess with but I can only mess with so many tunings before I get tired of it and just go back to standard or drop D ( which is simple) This past week I have pretty much played nothing BUT alternate tunings. It took some practice because I noticed, at least on my guitar, when you are using alt tunings, especially 1 or more steps lower than standard, you really have to play as clean and as perfect as you can. I'm guessing the accuracy of the piezos is the culprit here but I have ZERO complaints about that. In a week, playing the 59 has cleaned up my playing in all areas exponentially.

Of course I had to tweak all my patches I usually used with my EMGs but now I'm starting to build a great setlist for the variax.

Just a few trhings that might have been addressed in other posts but I really couldn't find the answers searching the forum.

1. Would love some high gain and active type pickups modelled in workbench. I use the 58 LP which is pretty hot but would love to make a Zakk Wylde LP!!!!!

2. Would love to be able to do 1/4 step tuning and tweaking of 6 string model strings so we can play with songs like a lot of Pantera where Dime uses wierd slightly flat tunings.

Would also like an acoustic amp in the HD500 but that's for another forum.

I am a true believer that whether you use this live or not, it WILL inspire you to play more than you do now and play styles of music you never thought you would explore. Thanks Line 6!!!! 

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