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Cisco ae1000 compatibility
by GabyRocker on 2013-03-14 19:25:18.7000

Why Line 6 quit the Cisco-Linksys of the list for compatible products to wireless control of the m20d through ipads?...that device still working??...many thanks!!!

Re: Cisco ae1000 compatibility
by pierrebriend on 2013-03-16 05:20:25.4810

I'm using a Cysko linksys AE1000, and it is working well know. Warning : if you have trouble in connecting through WiFi your ipad with M20d, you should close the appa stagescape on your ipad and then open it, And in my case. After 2 days of trial and errors testing, I found the solution.

To limit the loss of wi fi during the Gig, it is recommanded to use and USB cable with the key in order to set the key and ipad are viewing each other ( no wall or concrete poles or so

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