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Pod Farm Re-Installing Mac
by josheil on 2013-03-15 09:27:42.9570

Kk has anyone had this before? My Pod Farm was all glitching up so I uninstalled it and now am re-installing it but this is all I get. I dont remember this happening when I first installed it.. and with the Line 6 Monkey when I try to configure a device I can only select PODxt when I have a GX and whenever I try to sing into my Line 6 account through Line 6 Monkey it says to make sure I'm connected to the internet and that I may have pop-ups blocked or an anti virus software blocking it when I have none of that running.

Maybe my device just finally died? I've had it for about a year and haven't really done anything brutal to it.. Maybe cause I went with the cheaper version it just died sooner idk.

I'm on a mac if that helps

Help please?

I attached a photo of what Pod Farm is doing

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