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Live monitoring with the POD HD500?
by cmorrow132 on 2013-03-15 11:05:41.9110

I just got the pod hd500 yesterday. What I used to do was plug the guitar directly into the mic-in on my laptop and use vsts like amplitube, and asio4all for the driver. I could then enable monitoring on the track in the DAW and hear what I was doing through my pc speakers or a usb headset.

Is there any way to do this with the pod? I was wanting to use the usb headset instead of buying a new one. I can do live monitoring via my stereo and other speakers by using the headphone out on the pod, but late at night, I really need to be able to use headphones. I checked the driver options in the DAW and the line6 driver disables every other driver, so it's the only one I can use.

I also had the idea of running the usb from the pod into a first pc for recording, then running from the headphone out on the pod to the mic-in on a second pc, then using a daw with asio4all to monitor that, but I couldn't get a signal into pc2 for some reason, even tho it worked with guitar direct into mic-in on that second pc as well.

Re: Live monitoring with the POD HD500?
by gunpointmetal on 2013-03-15 14:28:16.6410

I'm guessing you're using something like Logitech or similar for your USB headset...seriously just go buy a pair of $20 Sony headphones, the quality will probably be just as good, plug into your headphone output on the HD500, and hear everything coming off your computer, plus guitar tones, without any extra processor issue or in-DAW montoring...

Re: Live monitoring with the POD HD500?
by cmorrow132 on 2013-03-15 14:29:25.8560

Thanks for the info. It is a logitech headset I got for free with my job for meetings and things. I've heard the low impedence headphones directly into the Pod don't work well.

Re: Live monitoring with the POD HD500?
by silverhead on 2013-03-15 15:04:15.1340

You've just spent several hundred dollars on a high-quality audio device. Do you really want to hear it at its worst by using a cheap headset? For $50 you can improve the sound quality dramatically, even with a low impedance set. Those who say that low impedance headphones don't work well are comparing the sound to studio quality headphones. Compared to your usb headset they will sound incredible.

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