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POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by cragle007 on 2013-03-15 15:52:38.4320

For some reason, the Setlist drop down in Edit only shows "Best of HD", "FX Heavy" and "Songs / Style" when my original boots of the device showed 4 Setlists.  I've tried a firmware reinstall, and have done a reset holding down the left arrow while plugging in the power.  Is there something I'm missing, or have I somehow changed the bundles so that a very limited number of presets are available?  Also, since I have a Spider IV, is there a way to get a tone that's preset on it into the bundles available on the POD HD?  Thanks for helping this newbie.

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by silverhead on 2013-03-16 09:14:57.5300

Make sure you are running the latest version of HD Edit. Also, when reinstalling the firmware, be sure to say No when prompted whether you want to keep the existing presets. You need to overwrite the existing presets/setlists in order to reinstall the factory presets/setlists.

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by cragle007 on 2013-03-16 10:35:50.8000

Thanks Silverhead, but no go.  Have gone through the firmware reinstall again, and when I restart POD/POD edit, I get the following for my options in the setlist pulldown:

Setlist POD HD.png

Am I missing something here?  When I first started using POD edit, I had Setlists 1-4, and now all are missing except for a much smaller number of tones.

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by silverhead on 2013-03-16 12:46:55.7330

Maybe I misunderstand, but in your screen shot I do see 4 factory-installed Setlists, and 4 User setlists. Note that a firmware reinstall does not rename setlists; you need to reset the Global Parameters, and then recalibrate the pedal after a firmware installation.">">">">

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by cragle007 on 2013-03-16 16:28:46.6280

No, you didn't misunderstand per se.  I do have 4 set lists, but they are completely different lists than when I first unboxed, booted and updated the POD.  Had the same stock setlists for the first month or so, then all of a sudden they changed to the ones in the screencap above.  When I first booted it, I went through every single tone in the lists, and noted the ones I really liked.  Of the 17 that I noted, 4 are now not available on the POD, so SOMETHING changed about the tones that are now loaded on the unit.  Just wondering what might have happened, how I could correct it, and if not, how I can get the tones back that I liked that are now missing.  Also, wondering how to get a tone that's loaded on my Spider IV onto my POD.  (Really appreciate the responses, by the way, so don't think me ungrateful for the help.)

Also, just for clarity:  This is the Desktop POD HD, not the rank-mountable HD500.  I don't have a pedal at this time, so recalibration isn't applicable.

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by silverhead on 2013-03-17 06:18:57.0980

Thanks for the clarification.

Each firmware version contains a set of factory-installed setlists/presets for demonstration purposes, but these are not locked in any way - users can modify them. What you describe  indicates one of two things:

- the last time your device had its firmware updated the factory installed setlists were different than they are now. Line 6 does modify the setlists  sometimes.

- if the device is used, the previous owner changed some of the factory presets/setlists. Note that this can occur even during a trial period by a prospective purchaser who later returned the device, whereupon it is still sold as new.

In any case, if you did not make a backup copy of the previous setlists (recommeded practice before any firmware update) then you can't retrieve them directly. If you know the names of the presets/setlists that you would like to restore you can post them here and perhaps some community member will have archive copies of them.

The tones loaded on your Spider amp are not compatible with the Pod HD.

Re: POD HD Desktop Setlist question
by cragle007 on 2013-03-17 09:40:09.7050

Thanks for the info Silver.  I'll keep that in mind in the future and make sure that I save off bundles before I do updates to the POD.  Just as information:  The tone "Josh's Rhythm" from the Spider is extremely close to Josh Homme's basic tone in QOTSA's early CDs and I really love that sound.  So I think I'll look around to see if the specs for that tone are posted and try to recreate it on the HD.  Again, thanks for the help.

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