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podfarm not showing in plug ins
by steve247 on 2009-06-14 13:47:49.1210


im using logic with a new imac and a toneport kb37, i installed the gearbox software that came with it and it works in stand alone but not in my DAW.  it just pops up but you cant hear the soundand it says click to activate, strange caus ive already registered it, I also downloaded the latest update that was podfarm and looked forward to using it but when i try and add the plug in, its not there only gear box is, and it wont run it it just crashes logic. can you help me?

Re: podfarm not showing in plug ins
by Rowbi on 2009-06-15 02:54:32.7420

you said that you've installed the gearbox software??  why is that?  gearbox and pod farm are totally different products?  i'm just trying to ensure you're not missunderstanding something.

also have you bought the pod farm plugin, or have you bought a device that it comes with free?  either way have you activated the plugin with your activation code to install it on your device?  is that device connected to your system when you try to open the plug in??

Re: podfarm not showing in plug ins
by steve247 on 2009-06-15 03:27:15.4580


im using a kb37 old model 3 years old and am using the gearbox/podfarm they are the same thing by the way, that came with the kb37 (i upgragded to podfarm) it diddnt come with the kb37 obviously it wasnt released then. i now know that i have to by the plug in for pod farm to work in logic, i thought the version i had was plug in but its standalone only, so i have to buy the plug in licence then activate it then i should be good to go.


Re: podfarm not showing in plug ins
by ricksox on 2009-06-15 14:21:38.9420

Correct. You will need to purchase POD Farm as a plug in for it to work in Logic however you should not be experiencing crashes. What version of Logic are you using?


Re: podfarm not showing in plug ins
by steve247 on 2009-06-15 14:34:32.9430


im using pro 8 and usually use guitar rig 3 without issue but saw line 6 and was impressed.

I m guessing it crashed for some plug in related reason, what i dont know and i hope once i buy the plug in licence it wont happen again.

Am i right in thinking i can download the latest podfarm update then just click buy add on in monkey in order to use as a plug in, Because in logic when i insert new audio track and look for the plug in, podfarm doesnt show up, but gear box does.. Will it show up once i purchase and activate?


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