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Line 6 Pod Studio Kb37 Questions - Please Respond Asap
by Puppetlance on 2013-03-16 21:49:44.8030

I have a few question's i'd like answered.

Withmy Kb37 I do use POD FARM 2.5 just to clear that up so no mistakes are mad I also to record because I am just wondering for Guitar ONLY i use Abelton live 7 the standard stuff it came with.

Now my questions are this.

1. I own a BOSS Gt-6 Guitar Effect's Processor. I was Wondering how would I go about if I CAN, how can I hook it up with my Kb37 to use Delay Clean effects etc. I've made some cover's on youtube and some I'd like to do have Clean parts Delay parts etc, and would love to know how to go about doing that without needed to record a seperate part!

2. Again being with the BOSS Gt-6 if it is not able to be hooked up i also posses a fender channel selector, how Would I hook that up?

3. The way I currenly hear my Kb37 is through a U.S Army Universal Head Set, I was wondering how could i Hook it up to a stereo? All i see is jacks on the Kb37 that would not fit for my stereo, So in the front of my stereo like the Kb37 is a jack for a headphone slot I was wondering if I used a AUX cord with the 2 jacks would that work?

Please answer and I may have more questions.

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