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Footswitch not working?
by audioartillery on 2009-06-16 17:38:41.9940

I got my ToneCore kit today.  I've been playing around with the default EQ load and also tried out a few other people's projects (a couple tremolos).  My footswitch seems to have no effect.  I can see the foot switch move in the GUI but the green light never goes off and the effect never bypasses.  I realize the footswitch is handled by the DSP code but all of the projects I've tried appear to be set up to do a bypass.

Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Footswitch not working?
by audioartillery on 2009-06-16 17:43:39.0700

Found the answer in another thread... apparently the ToneCore pedals have a two-stage footswitch, you just have to step on it really hard. Odd, but fine.

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