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VDI cable geek question(s)
by newidentity on 2013-03-17 10:47:34.3420

Hi all,

After years of saving, have just invested in the full monty - (tobacco '59, pod HD pro, DT25 head and cab, FBV mkii). Collecting next week but in the mean time I'm going to try building my own variax VDI cable (25' too big for my needs). I've read the various threads on here about home-brew VDI cables, but there's no mention of shielding (as in electrical shielding, not the metal housing). So here's my questions:

I have to choose between i) cat5e with no shielding (belden 1305a), ii) Duracat 5e with foil shielding or iii) Canford Cat5e with foil screen plus 'drain wire' (

If I go for cable with shielding of either foil or drain wire type, do I then need to use RJ45's that have metal shielding like this?.... (I think if you use these ones, you fold the foil and wire back on itself before crimping)

Does anyone know what the deal is with shielding these cables? Is the line 6 cable shielded? Or does it not make a blind bit of difference for this type of gear? I'm quite comfortable doing the cable building once I know what parts to use, but as you may have guessed, my theoretical knowledge of this sort of thing aint so great. Any geeks out there care to enlighten me?

Would be delighted if I don't blow up my shiny new kit on the day I get it, so any advice appreciated...

Cheers in advance.

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by mrmykl on 2013-03-17 10:52:32.8040">">

save your time and effort and buy one from these guys...just got mine (and a coupla 3 foot patch cables) and it's the bomb.  I usually have no need for the longer cable myself, so I just bought one (9 ft, I think 11 would have been better for this price I may just buy a few...) from these guys.  Cheap.

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by newidentity on 2013-03-17 13:08:26.5540

Cheers for that mrmykl, I can't seem to open link though, site appears to be down, I'll try later. I googled best tronics and looks like they are the wrong side of the atlantic for me -  I'm in the UK. Can probably still ship overseas though. Anyways, I'm still keen to try and build my own just for the sake of it (I'm sure I'll regret not taking your advice after a few failed attempts). Any others know the score with shielding?

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by Octo777 on 2013-03-18 04:57:33.4960

If you are in the UK looking to buy a VDI cable, then check this out.">">

This is where I get mine from and they work great and are of a much better build quality/feel than the official Line 6 cables (sorry L6).

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by newidentity on 2013-03-18 11:04:35.9110


Just ordered all the component parts of those cables from canford at way more than the cost of a 3m cable without noticing that they did pre-assembled ones. What a chump

Ah well, will hone my cable building skills anyway.

Cheers for the reply octo. I'll know what to buy once my home built ones fail to work

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by newidentity on 2013-04-13 12:15:28.5010

A quick update in case anyone else stumbles accross this thread with similar questions. The Line 6 cable is not shielded, and when I tried to make a cable out of shielded RJ45 ends, it didn't fit the housing of the ethercon connector properly, so the cable end would not click into place when inserted in the Pod or variax (maybe I was doing something wrong, but it was a fraction of a mm off when all fully assembled according to neutrik guide.)

Got my cable working eventually, but its a bit of a faff, and you should definitely go for Octos suggestion to save time and effort for all its worth. If you are hell bent on making a cable, go with unshielded RJ45s.


Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by sparkyERTW on 2013-04-15 06:22:30.2110

I can't remember if I ever ended up giving my final verdict (maybe I should track down that thread), but I bought both the Best-Tronics made with Belden 1305a and one from a seller on eBay made with Duracat.  They were both very good, with the Belden 1305a one being somewhat more flexible than the Duracat.

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by camilok on 2013-04-17 12:10:31.2310

Got a pair of 15 footers from these guys, work perfectly with HD500 / JTV59P  (Or any standard ethercon connector.)

Uses patch cable for the wire so is twisted, and therefore very flexible and not stiff at all.

Re: VDI cable geek question(s)
by adessmith on 2013-04-22 19:52:46.7180

+1  for the Best-Tronics cable.
Its a quality cable, not too thin, but not too stiff.
Suck it up and just buy from them, you will be happy with it, and its a good price.

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