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Line 6 Ux 2/ Window s 7 & output in headphones in mono
by cobratise on 2013-03-17 10:51:27.5600


I just bought the line 6 UX 2 studio. I installed all the drivers on my computer which runs through windows 7. All drivers are in green. I managed to record guitars and microphone lines thanks to ableton. But I have a big problem, the sound is every time in mono. I use an adaptator for jack from 6.35mm to 3.255mm for my headphones, the sound should be in stereo but it's not. I tried on my hifi sattion --> the same problem.

I have read a lot on the internet, but I still have not found the solution.ance

May you help me please? Thanks in advance

Re: Line 6 Ux 2/ Window s 7 & output in headphones in mono
by Triryche on 2013-03-18 06:54:04.0890

You might have a mono adoptor (TS) like this


If so, you need a stereo adaptor (TRS) like this


T = Tip

R = Ring

S = Sleeve

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