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Tap Tempo problem
by ktackel on 2013-03-18 09:30:49.2920

Hi, I have an HD400 and when I try to tap in my tempo for delay it takes multiple frustrating times to sync to the correct time.

I know what you are thinking, this dude just has horrible timing, but I never had this issue with my old XTLive and I play in a band with a guy on keys running Ableton with a click track and been a musician for almost 25 years.

It is so frustrating trying to tap in my delay in a 4 count, and yes the delay is set to tap in the settings, and it's no good, I am still fumbling around with the thing mid song typically until I get it "close enough".

It has been an issue since I got this and hoped and assumed it would have been fixed in an update but almost 2yrs laters just living with it realize it may just be me having this issue.

Is there a trick? Am I an idiot and just missed some simple setting change?

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