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JTV69S Tone
by MWolfkiel on 2013-03-18 13:48:27.1150

I currently have a JTV59, which I dig, but am thinking about picking up a JTV69S (Gold ). Was wondering if it can get the Strat style "bell" tone, that crystal clear tone. While I like the Spank tones, it doesn' t quite capture the true strat tone. Thanks

Re: JTV69S Tone
by phil_m on 2013-03-18 14:11:37.2290

Well, I have the JTV69 and I think the single coils are pretty Strat-like, but I'd say they are overall a little bit more mid-rangy than a typical Strat pickup. But that's the other thing, I'm not sure what exactly people have in mind when they are thinking of a typical Strat pickup. There are a lot of variations, even within Fender's standard offerings. I actually think the Spank model itself is a bit more "bell-like" than the phyical pickups, though.

Actually, your post reminded me of something. I made a few clips a few months back with my Variax with the intention of doing a comparison betweem my Deluxe Reverb and the DT-25/HD500 combo. These are both using the Spank model (not the magnetic pickups), and they sound really Stratty to me.

Re: JTV69S Tone
by spikey on 2013-03-18 19:12:51.9970

The Line 6 strat in the #2 position has always been too dark to my ears. Im comparing this to a 93 strat plus with Kinman woodstocks, so that may be why. OTHO I think Kinman pups are the best in the freeking world for a strat so I may be a bit biased... ; )  But no kidding- the #2 strat tone is darker that it needs to be, at least for me. I love my JVT69 elsewise.

Re: JTV69S Tone
by Hey_Joe on 2013-03-19 16:21:08.0480

Your post reminded me of a GREAT Variax Workbench Bundle that you can download from Vettaville (a Dutch Line6 user/enthusiast put together an info sharing sight years back - everything Line6) There is a bundle here at this address">"> in the Bundle Barn called Ron Huisen's Patch Creativity Bundle. It's from back in the Variax 500-600-700 days but many of us really dug the Stratoronic patches in the bundle and either filled custom slots or even replaced factory Strat slots with these and they sound even better on the JTVs. Go to the URL and watch the short video and/or right click and save link as and try them out with Workbench. I put these in my Custom 1 slots on all my first gen Vaxes as well as my JTV69. It's amazing how bright, quack and Strat-like these custom WB patches are considering he used a Special Jr. body and lip pups on most of the models. Worth a try and shows off the ability of Workbench. Maybe you'll find that "crystal clear tone" you're looking for.

Re: JTV69S Tone
by MWolfkiel on 2013-03-20 12:01:35.8180

Very Cool guys, thanks alot.

Re: JTV69S Tone
by davidb7170 on 2013-03-20 15:05:01.5810

I have a 59 in Tobacco SB -- had it since May 2011. Love it, even after the initial LONG wait (Oct 2010 to May 2011), switch issue, and had a piezo issue -- ALL of which L6 worked with me on and we got it sorted out. It is my go to guitar!! Last fall when they announced the new group of 69S's and 59P's, I bought the Shoreline Gold 69S -- I LOVE it.

I was spoiled by having HB pickups in my 59 & LP, but have been a Fender guy since the early 70's, and knew the hum with single coils was part of the package. I did, however switch out the pups with some DiMarzio silent SC's... I did that about the first of this year. I really didn't have a problem with the sound of the 69S's SC's, but wanted to quiet it down a bit. I couldn't use the 69S in one bar, as it was picking up their neon beer signs, etc. I swapped them out for ~ $200 with the DiMarzio's and they have been quiet as a church -- no hum, and a bit hotter output than the stock SC's.

Anyway, now I have 2 go to guitars, and I actually split their use over the 2 long sets we play... I tend to use the mag pickups the majority of the time, and use the models for drop tunings and specialty instruments, like the banjo, etc. The 59 and the 69S definitely have different personalities, but I love them both.

Anyway -- my 2 cents' worth... YMMV


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