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Scene Folders
by louriec on 2013-03-18 16:54:13.7270

So I just got my M13. I thought that I understood it well enough from reading and YouTube videos, but I'm having issues. As I understand it "On the Edge" is an example of 1 scene, and you can have up to 48 scenes. I know that when you go into the scene mode, you can see 12 scenes on the LED screens. I read in the manual that you rotate the dial on the first LED and it shows that you can switch folders. When I try and switch the folders by clicking one of the A/B/C buttons, it doesn't change to a brand new set of 12 different scenes.

So I guess my question is, are there really 48 different scenes, or is it just the 12 that you see on the LEDs when you click on scenes, and are the other 36 just considered to come from using the different A/B/C buttons within the 1 of 12 scenes?

Hopefully this makes sense. I even tried saving a custom scene but it made me save it over 1 of the current 12, when I really want to put it in a new set of 12 scenes. Thanks for any help anyone might have!

Re: Scene Folders
by phil_m on 2013-03-18 17:02:44.1540

There really are 48 unique scenes, and they are in four separate folders. I think the thing that is throwing you off is that the factory-loaded scenes in each folder are the same. So even though you're changing folders, the names of the scenes will remain the same in the display. If you had scenes with different names in each folder, you would see them change as you changed folders. I think the reason they did it like this is that when the M13 was first released, it only had 12 scenes. When the 2.0 update came out, they increased to 48 scenes. But rather than make new factory presets for the new slots, they simply copied and pasted the original 12 scenes three times.

Re: Scene Folders
by louriec on 2013-03-19 06:41:36.9180

Thanks for the response Phil, that makes sense. Is there a quick way to switch between folders so I can see if the one unique scene I created is in fact not in the other folders?

Re: Scene Folders
by phil_m on 2013-03-19 07:09:01.0520

When you're in scene view mode, turning the model select knob below the LCD for FX module 1 will switch folders. You'll see a little block of text appear in the LCD 1 that says "Folder 1", "Folder 2", etc. You have to select a scene within that folder by hitting the corresponding footswitch to go into that folder. While you're changing folders, you should see the scenes change names if they are named differently.

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