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JTV89F Piezo
by jparis51 on 2013-03-18 20:32:23.9730

Has anyone heard any differences in the sounds of the guitar models on the JTV89F they'd attribute to the Graph Tech piezo pickup system (in contrast to the L.R. Baggs Radiance Hex piezo pickup system on other JTVs)?  I'd be especially interested in whether the acoustics have any different characteristics.  Thanks!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by mrmykl on 2013-03-18 20:34:26.2100

I've got a JTV 59...anyone fit a tune-o-matic Graph Tec bridge on their 59?  I still play my 300 mostly because of the (acoustic) sounds coming from my 59...same question!  Anybody!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by Leftzilla on 2013-03-19 09:43:46.8780

I currently own a JTV59 and ordered my JTV89F around 6 weeks ago and I am still waiting for Line 6 to ship after they slipped twice so far on the date they said they would ship to Sweetwater.  Not sure why the slip but I did expect to wait.  Anyways once I get it I will let you know what I find out.

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by jparis51 on 2013-03-19 16:32:58.5350

That would be perfect -- I currently have a JTV59 as well.  Much appreciated, and I hope your new guitar arrives without further delay!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by dchernov551 on 2013-03-19 23:29:44.5470

Hello! I am a very happy owner of the JTV89F guitar and even though I do not have any other JTV models to compare, I can say that I am very happy with the Graph Tech piezo pickup system. It sounds crystal clear and crisp without the unnecessary muddiness and I did not notice any flaws or mechanical failures that would distract me from playing the instrument. The acoustics sound especially good and give a feeling of the real guitar with the very sensitive response. Interesting enough, there was no "quack" sound from the piezo even when I was playing harder... I wish I could compare it to the other models, but from what I can tell about my JTV89F - it is very good and suits me completely. The other aspects like tuning stability and the palm muting, - I can assert the same about the positive qualities. Hope I could help a little!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by jim_w on 2013-04-12 07:19:40.8630

I definitely have.  Please see my post:

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-12 08:44:04.6380

At first glance I AM seeing a difference and my bass player and keyboard player noticed also.  In all fairness I need to to setup the same strings on the 59 and do an AB caomparison.  The acoustics sound fuller.  Also the other reason I bring up the strings is that the pickups sound different also.  I need to spend some more time with both guitars to see if I can track down what the reason is.  Don't get me wrong the 59 stills sounds great but a blind recording is the better way to do this as my Kybd player and Bass player have fallen prey to what I would call "shape" bias with other Guitars.

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-15 08:31:17.0910

Okay, a JTV and JTV 89F Gibson J-200 Acoustic head to head.  Forgive the playing just trying to give a decent shake out for both sounds.  Run through an H500 using the Dreadnaught Patch from Custom Tone.

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-15 08:47:11.1650

Thank you so much for doing this head-to-head guitar test! The sound with the JTV 89F is more full and there is more vivid feel to the sound, it is as if it sounds clearer. Great playing, by the way! Would you mind doing a 12-string test or even something from the RESO instruments? Thank you so much again!

I also did a little test with the acoustics (both 6 and 12 string) with my JTV89F. Here is a little track I did with the direct recording. The only processing I did was the addition of the M40 Studio Reverb from TC Electronic. Other than that, it is a direct recording with 1970 Martin D12-28 and 1959 Martin D-28 models. The link:

Enjoy! And thank you again!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-16 03:57:00.7980

Well the second guitar recorded was the JTV 59, .  However to me they are so close I can't tell much of a difference that can be directly attributed to the Graphtech piezos and not to some unconscious playing variability.  To be honest what i have found is that any string buzz on the fret board gets translated directly to the piezo which you can here one hard pick strike on the JTV 89F in the beginning.  There are heavier guage strings on the 89F and it still needs some slight adjustment and may have some slight volume over the 59.  I will compare the waves directly to each other.

These were recorded directly into the HD 500 with the vdi cable and into Audacity at 24 bits, both guitars update to version 1.9

My kybd player who does a lot of production work could not tell the difference but in a live situation he and the bass player swore up and down the 89F sounded fuller.  The Bass player thought the 2nd guitar sounded fuller on this recording.

I will postsome Fender, Gibson head to heads.

My lead singer also swore she thought the 89F sounded better than the 59 in a live situation with my 80s new wave cover band, but right now doing these side by side comparisons there does not seem to be a glaring difference.  Of course this could be my ears after 25 years of ballistic testing and 35 years of playing on stage right next to the drummers cymbals.  This does bring up an interesting possible guitar shape perception bias or maybe there is a coloring that is present in the PA and not as noticeable on a recording.

Regardless, I am very happy with the new 89F and it sounds like you are also.  In the end thats all that matters.

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by dchernov551 on 2013-04-16 05:31:32.8270

I thought that the second guitar was JTV89F! I should agree with your bass player - the sound is indeed fuller on the second recording. I have tried listening to your recording in the headphones and then I thought that JTV89F sounded with more clarity. I guess that it is really hard to tell, but there is probably a difference made by the different strings gauge. Both guitars sound amazing in any case and I think that the guitar shape perception bias may still play a role there. When I pick up a Strat, for example, then I am trying to sound like I am playing a strat and when I pick up a shred machine, then I am subconsciously trying to play in a heavier style with the different attitude which affects the sound. I think that this may be the explanation why your lead singer swore that she thought the 89F sounded better with your 80's new wave cover band, - it fits the times and JTV89F is a 80's style guitar to me - all flashy and beautiful! By the way, any place where I could hear your band and what covers do you, guys, do?

And few off-topic questions:

What soundcard were you using during recording? Did you use any patch on the HD500 or simply bypassed all the signal chain? I wonder if POD Farm software could allow me to emulate some of the things that are possible with HD500, like the acoustic amp settings. Do you think that would be possible?

Thank you again!

Re: JTV89F Piezo
by Leftzilla on 2013-04-17 10:15:11.9990

The HD500 actually takes over as the sound card when connected via USB.  Also there are no "DEDICATED" acoustic amps or preamps as there would be with pod farm so you might be able to get better results.  The 80s band is called Hot Neon  Magic but I dont think there any recordings with either Variax.  I do have a progressive original band called Elephants of Scotland and you can clips or listen to our debut album which has the jtv 59 all over it.

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