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POD HD Pro Live Setup
by gibb1337 on 2013-03-19 06:12:03.1590

Hi folks,

Trying to figure something out and couldn't find an answer from any existing posts so I thought I'd make a new one!

I'm planning on running my POD HD Pro to the PA at gigs but I'm a little concerned that the monitors at some of the venues I play at are pretty poor. In an effort to avoid using any IEM systems to hear myself I was wondering if I could take a line from the POD into a power amp (whilst also going to the PA system) and then into a cab onstage to provide something onstage for me to hear. Might stick the cab to one side of me just as a personal monitor. Is this do-able? Also is it going to sound nasty because I can't turn off the Cab + Mic sims to the Cab whilst leaving them on going to the PA? I'm not overly fussed about the quality of the sound coming out of the cab because as I said its more just so I can hear myself. 

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

Re: POD HD Pro Live Setup
by silverhead on 2013-03-19 06:41:02.5020

Yes - that is doable. Since you are going direct to PA for the house sound you will want your Output Mode set to Studio. As you say, this could end up giving you a double-cab effect through the onstage cab/monitor. Accordingly, you'll get the best results if your cab/monitor is as close to FRFR as possible. You might consider a keyboard amp for this purpose, or a good studio monitor.

Re: POD HD Pro Live Setup
by gibb1337 on 2013-03-19 06:50:01.5120

Just what I needed to know ta! Just to pick your brains a wee bit further would a "Samson Servo 120a" suffice?

I've only got 1U left in my rack unit and my cabinet is a 2x12 120w so at first glance it seems a good bet.

Re: POD HD Pro Live Setup
by silverhead on 2013-03-19 06:56:24.2800

Sure - that looks like a good power amp. But you will still need a good FRFR cab/monitor, and frankly I think the monitor unit will have a greater impact on your sound than the power amp. I would go for an integrated solution like the above-mentioned keyboard amp or active monitor. I think you'll end up with an equivalent sound for less $$ (considering the power amp you refer to + the monitor).

Re: POD HD Pro Live Setup
by gibb1337 on 2013-03-19 08:11:46.2550

Ok awesome, thanks for your speedy/detailed response!

Re: POD HD Pro Live Setup
by HDProJohn on 2013-03-19 08:23:29.9800

Not going to argue the FRFR route, but running Stereo mode into a power amp + cab does not sound bad at all (cheapish option since you already have a cab). Also, check out the 1U Rocktron power amp, it supposedly has good reviews and is cheap. The setup you described is exactly how I run live though - stereo to FOH and stereo to cab. Don't forget, you can throw in an FX block at the end of your chain and use this for additional outputs. I use the FX loop, but only in mono for effects. By using the right side of the loop, I can send my signal to a sound card on stage so that the drummer can have me direct for his IEM mix too. It's a lot of outputs! Ha.

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