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Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by dubvetta on 2013-03-20 02:56:13.8730

Hi All,

I've got a Vetta I Combo from a friend, and I want to update it to the max possible versions of everything.

I'm a bit confused as I'm seeing a lot of documentation from mid to late 2000's about updating to Vetta II software, but the versions mentioned are all older than what's available today. 

I'm OK with working with Sysex etc, I just don't want to force a higher firmware onto the amp if it can't take it !

A few questions :

1) What is the most recent firmware version that the Vetta I Combo can be updated to today ?

1a) Do I treat this amp as a Vetta II combo when looking at software updating as the Vetta I doesn't seem to be referenced in the downloads lists on ?

2) Is Line6 monkey an offline application - or does it need web access ? My studio PC is not online so I would prefer an offline update if at all possible.

I'm going to give this amp a clean up and a wipe down now and check back in a little while.

Thanks guys,


Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by DickFoster on 2013-03-20 08:37:06.3160

I have a Vetta I combo that I upgraded to the last software Line6 had for the Vetta II..

While the main hardware is the same for everything, you just don't have the digital interface stuff that was an upgrade kit earlier on.

There are no hardware kits that I could find to upgrade the hardware with to add the digital interface but it's no big deal as the software still works just fine as for any other Vetta II.

I used their Monkey to do the system upgrade with and yes it requires live online access while doing it but it is supposed to be possible by other means. Still the path of least resistance and all that.

Be sure to read though the instructions carefully until you fully understand them before proceeding with the software upgrade as it will require you to push a few of the right buttons in the right sequence during the process. You don't want to get confused then sacred that you're bricked your amp. Who needs the anxiety?


It's also a good idea to be sure you're using their recommended MIDI interface that M Audio Uno thing. Be sure that it's working well with the amp and you have it hooked up correctly before you start upgrading the software with it and the computer you're using. As in swap a couple of patches back and forth or something like that.

As I said,  the Vetta I and Vetta II amps are identical except for the digital interface and the appearance changes.


I used the M Audio cable with their latest drivers for a Windows XP pro machine for mine. I also used my desktop PC to do it since I wanted to use a hardwired Ethernet connection rather than a wifi hook up to the web to upgrade the software with using the Monkey bit. For patches and stuff I use my laptop since it's portable and I don't need a live connection to the web for that.  

Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by dubvetta on 2013-03-20 09:36:21.1750

Hey Dick,

Thanks for that - I've installed Line6 Edit and am about to start that up once I've installed Java which I didn't have on that machine.

I'm using a Midex8, so I'll give it a go on that - I've been using it for many years in the studio and it's about as solid an interface as it gets so I don't expect any issues there.

Will report back how I get on ;-)


Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by dubvetta on 2013-03-20 10:31:31.1920

So I've tried and failed. 

it seems that Line6 Edit doesn't like the midex 8.

I've seen a guy on institute of noise saying he's had this working with the midex8, but i'm not getting any results. 

Not too sure I want to go adding another midi interface to the studio as the midex8 is rock solid and I want to keep it that way.

5 hours taking the amp apart and cleaning it - I was all motivated - now this has ruined my day ! 

I've read here (">">  that the Vetta 1 doesn't work with the new Edit software - so that's fair enough.

It says update first which means I need to either go straight for the update, or not at all.


Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by dubvetta on 2013-03-20 11:33:05.5940

Lol !

So after all that, I've realised that the Vetta I have appears to be on V2.5 !

So that means it's on 2.5, and the midex doesn't work with the latest version of L6E.

So be it - pain in the @ss after all the work.  Maybe I'll risk getting an Uno one day and installing it in the studio !


Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by DickFoster on 2013-03-20 12:34:30.9350

The Uno doesn't cost very much anyway. It should be good for saving your patches and what not at least. It sounds like you're up to snuff with the last firmware available for the Vetta already so there's that. I think most of em are by now.


If you don't already have one, an FBV longboard works really nice with them. Especially if you're playing somewhere for real money.

I got mine separate from the amp. If you keep your eye peeled a used one will eventually surface. I think mine was a buck fifty or so. Meaning $150. It's made well and is sturdy. No pots in the pedals, they use opto sensors instead so they should last for a good long while. If any of the switches break, they are easy to source. Besides that and the display, there isn't much inside the floorboard other than a couple of common ICs to handle the interface.

Due to the total lack of support from Line6, you might want to find a friend who is good with electronics who can fix your amp should it ever break or need the battery changed. There is a service book for it online if you need it but not here. The user docs are on the Line6 site though so it's a good idea to download those if you don't have them.

The Vetta was way ahead of it's time and due to the basically retarded nature of the guitar community in general, it still is today. I guess I shouldn't say retarded, the proper politically correct term today is mentally challenged.

Have fun with it.       

Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by dubvetta on 2013-03-20 13:51:04.9120

Hey D1CK,

Must be great that the forum *stars* out your name when people respond !

I am lucky to have the longboard aswell - it's great.  Had aspirations to program it with the board app I downloaded, but same thing there !

I'm actually mainly a piano/keys player, but I've been playing guitar for nearly 30 years now so I'm not quite a novice either - but the vetta family are surely some of the most versatile out there - that's the reason I grabbed it off my friend.  It was sitting covered in dust in his shed so I thought I'd put it to use in the studio.  Sick of using plugin simulators at this stage and wanted to give this a crack so happy days.  I have it spanking clean as it can be - took the whole thing apart this morning and cleaned the cones, the tolex in and out - all the corners - the rings - bolts and then finally the amp and brain.  Was delighted putting it all back together and seeing it there and was dying to get the midi control going on it and playing with it while re-amping.  Had to do it hunched over the amp on the screen - not the end of the world, but would much prefer the head version if that's how it's going down.  I think I have a mate who actually has an uno so I hope I can try it out before bothering to buy one to make sure it works - then happy days.

Thanks for the advice ;-)


Re: Vetta I Combo - Max possible Update 2013
by DickFoster on 2013-03-20 14:45:28.2190

One more thing. Don't expect much from the factory patches but then that seems to be a universal constant no matter who made the gear so it's probably not exactly a news flash for you.

Yeah those censors do get annoying after a bit but I'm used to it.  LOL You should see the avatar I use on one of the messages boards I hang out on. That alone would probably get me banned here. At least everyone knows who I am without playing any guessing games. I just never saw any good reason to adopt a screen name.

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